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What is Air Ambulance? What are the benefits, type, and average cost?

An air ambulance comes in handy in times of a medical emergency. It comes into use when a patient is critical and unable to travel to another place to avail medical treatment. The main role of an air ambulance is to facilitate the medical evacuation in the wake of getting specialist care. From remote areas to urban zones, the reach of an air ambulance is expanding with each passing day. Well, let us find out more about what is air ambulance.

What is Air Ambulance?
Air ambulance refers to an aircraft with fixed-wing or a special medically equipped helicopter. It transports the sick or injured persons during medical emergencies, especially when ground transportation is ineffective for prompt medical intervention.

There are certain areas or terrains where the ground ambulance cannot reach on time. In such cases, the air ambulance comes to the rescue. Though the air ambulance charges are comparatively higher, it ensures a smooth and swift commutation of the patients.

Benefits of Air Ambulance

- Increases the patient's chances of survival: For the critical traumatic patients, every minute is very important in defining their recovery. If there is much delay in getting the treatment, unfortunately, the patient might lose his life. Hence, an air ambulance is way faster than a ground ambulance. Eventually, it helps the patient to get the treatment quickly to increase survivability and prevent complications.

- Optimal care on-the-go: Significantly, the air ambulance price is quite higher as it is well-equipped with specialized medical and surveillance tools. There is also expert medical personnel to provide optimal and much-needed medical care to the patient during the flight.

- Convenient mode of transportation: The roads in less-developed areas are bumpy, whereas those in urban areas are congested. Besides, the terrains in the suburbs make it challenging for the ground ambulance to reach there. Thus an air ambulance ensures convenient and hassle-less transportation.

- Faster speed with wide-ranging coverage: The air ambulance covers an array of cities and offers services in remote areas. Apart from that, an air ambulance travels at a superiorly faster speed than a ground ambulance cannot match.

Types of Air Ambulances

- Jet Aircraft: A jet aircraft is an air ambulance consisting of fixed-wing. It is spacious and comfortable for the safe and easy transportation of patients. Likewise, it is more stable and secure than a helicopter when the weather conditions are slightly fluctuating. Moreover, the jet aircraft is less noisy so that patients, especially the elderly, can relax easily.

- Turbo Pop Rescue Planes: The helicopters fall under the category of turbo pop rescue planes. Such sort of air ambulance has rotary wings and helps cover shorter distances. The helicopter ambulance cost is much lesser than the jet aircraft one. It can land in narrower spaces such as smaller landmasses, short roads, and villages. Above all, it can land nearby the hospital too that aids those patients who need an emergency unit.

How it Works

- Firstly, contact the medical institution that offers the facility of air ambulance

- The concerned department will assess the patient's condition and case report

- The paramedic or doctor will provide the patient with healthcare till the air ambulance arrives

- The concerned department approves the air ambulance

- The paramedic/doctor will also inform the Emergency Dispatch Management Unit of the hospital

- With the help of the ground ambulance, the patient will be taken to the predetermined landing zone for the air ambulance

What is the Average Cost of Air Ambulance in India?

The average cost of air ambulance in India ranges around Rs. 1.6 to 2 lakh per hour. However, the overall cost will depend on the type of air ambulance and distance covered, pre-hospitalization care, and medical conveniences that it offers.

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