Part-prepay your loan in My Account

Visit our customer portal to pay back a part of your loan early.

Part-prepay your term loan

Part-prepay your loan

If you have surplus funds, you can pay back a part of your loan amount ahead of schedule. This means that interest is charged only on the remaining amount due – which in-turn reduces your loan tenure and/or the EMI.

  • Repay a part of your loan in advance

    Repay a part of your loan in advance

    You can part-prepay your loan amount in just a few simple steps by visiting My Account.

    • Sign-in to My Account with your mobile number and date of birth.
    • Select the loan account for which you want to make part-prepayment.
    • Choose ‘Part-prepayment’ from the list of payment options.
    • Enter the amount and review the applicable charges, if any.
    • Once you enter all the required details, proceed to part-prepay.

    You can click on the ‘Pay a part of your loan’ option below. Sign-in to ‘My Account’, select ‘Part-prepayment’ option, and proceed.

    Pay a part of your loan

  • Manage your loan EMIs

    Choose from multiple payment options and repay your loan easily. Sign-in to My Account to begin.