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Home Loan Eligibility Calculator

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You may be able to avail home loan up to Rs. 0 with Bajaj Finserv for the mentioned period. T&C apply.


Home Loan Eligibility Calculator

Your income and repayment capacity play an important role in determining whether you are eligible for a home loan. A housing loan eligibility calculator helps you find out the loan amount that you are eligible for, based on these factors. Use Bajaj Finserv’s home loan eligibility calculator to calculate loan eligibility in a few simple steps.

Just input your date of birth, the city you live in, your net monthly income, the preferred tenor of your home loan, and the total amount of any EMIs you are paying currently. The home loan eligibility calculator will then tell you the loan amount you can successfully apply for.

What is a Home Loan Eligibility Calculator?

The Home Loan eligibility calculator helps you to determine your Home Loan eligibility. You can accordingly plan the amount that you would want to apply for.

How is Home loan eligibility calculated?

The primary eligibility criteria required to apply for a home loan from Bajaj Finserv is that you should be a salaried professional between 23-62 years of age. In order to read about documents that would be required, check eligibility criteria for home loan.

How to use the Home Loan eligibility calculator?

It's very easy to use the home loan eligibility calculator.
Step 1. Select your location
Step 2. Select your date of birth
Step 3. Enter your net monthly salary and other income you are receiving
Step 4. Select tenor required for your home loan
Step 5. Enter your monthly obligations/current EMIs
Step 6. Click on ""Check Your Eligibility" option

Disclaimer The calculator is an indicative tool to assist the user in calculating the loan amount that the user may be eligible to borrow. Calculation results are approximations and for information purposes only and interest rates quoted are indicative. Actual interest rates and loan eligibility amount will vary. To know the actual eligibility amount, the user should share their complete and accurate details by clicking on the apply now tab and providing additional information/documents required for assessment of user’s application. Calculation results are not intended to substitute professional advice which the user is advised to seek. Loan terms & conditions apply.

Home Loan Instant Approval

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