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Frequently asked questions

What is a UPI PIN?

A UPI PIN (Unified Payments Interface Personal Identification Number) is a 4-6 digit passcode that you create during the registration process. You must remember your UPI PIN and use it to authorise all your transactions. Do not share your UPI PIN with anyone.

What is a UPI number?

A UPI number is a bank verified 10 digit mobile number that can be used to send and receive money from friends and family.

How do I send money using a phone number, UPI ID, or UPI number?

To send money using a phone number or UPI ID, open the Bajaj Finserv app and click on the UPI button. You will have the option to either pay to a contact using their phone number or UPI number, or send money to a bank account or UPI ID.

What is a payment request in Bajaj Finserv app?

A payment request - "Request Money" in the Bajaj Finserv app is a feature that allows users to request money from their contacts. It enables you to send a payment request to someone using their UPI ID or mobile number and ask them to initiate a transaction to fulfil the request.

Can I add multiple bank accounts to my UPI app?

Yes, you can add multiple bank accounts to your Bajaj Finserv app. UPI allows you to link and manage several bank accounts from different banks within a single UPI-enabled app like Bajaj Finserv.

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