Insta Personal Loan features

Read on to know why our Insta Personal Loan is the best option for you.

Features and benefits of our Insta Personal Loan

All you need to know about our Insta Personal Loan

Watch this video to know everything about our Insta Personal Loan - features and benefits, fees & charges, etc.

  • Pre-assigned limits

    Pre-assigned limits

    No need to complete the entire application process to know how much loan you will get.

  • All you need is a valid mobile number

    All you need is a valid mobile number

    You can check your Insta Personal Loan offer by entering your mobile number and OTP.

  • Immediate processing

    Immediate processing

    Our Insta Loans work like a green channel with no documentation required* and money in your account in just 30 minutes*.

  • Flexible loan tenures

    Flexible loan tenures

    Manage your loan repayment with options ranging from 6 to 60 months.

  • No hidden charges

    No hidden charges

    You can read our fees and charges on this page and on our loan documents. There are no hidden charges.

    *Applicable for select customers.

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    Managing planned or unplanned expenses can take a significant toll on your finances. However, with a Bajaj Finserv Insta Personal Loan, you can conveniently meet your long-awaited momentary needs or an emergency. You can access funds within 30 minutes* and get other benefits such as zero documentation, flexible repayment tenures, 100% transparency, etc. Moreover, you do not need to pledge your valuable assets as security or collateral to get our Insta Personal Loan offer.

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How to get an Insta Personal Loan

Step-by-step guide to get an Insta Personal Loan

  1. Click on ‘CHECK OFFER’ at the top of this page to open our online form.
  2. Enter your 10-digit mobile number and verify your profile with the OTP sent to your phone.
  3. You will see an offer with a pre-assigned loan limit for you. You can either go with it or choose a lower amount.
  4. Select a repayment tenure that suits you best.
  5. Click on ‘PROCEED’ to complete the online process.

The online process may differ depending on whether you are a new customer or have an existing relationship with us.

Note: Some customers may need to submit additional documents to complete their insta personal loan application process.

Frequently asked questions

What is the maximum Insta Personal Loan amount I can get?

You can borrow up to Rs. 10 lakh based on your creditworthiness. From financing your child’s higher education to consolidating your debt, you will find that an Insta Personal Loan is a versatile solution for handling a range of expenses.

Can I part-prepay my Insta Personal Loan?

Bajaj Finserv offers all its loans with a part-prepayment facility. After clearance of your first EMI, you can make part pre-payments up to six times a year.

What are the interest rates applicable on an Insta Personal Loan?

Bajaj Finserv offers Insta Personal Loans at attractive rates starting from 13% to 36% .

How soon can I get Insta Personal Loan in my account?

While a regular personal loan can be availed of in 24 hours*, select customers can get their Insta Personal Loan in just 30 minutes*.

*Terms and conditions apply