How to apply for ESOP Financing

Apply online in just a few easy steps to get ESOP financing

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With Bajaj Finance, employees have the opportunity to obtain significant funding through ESOP Financing in order to buy shares and hold them until a time when they can be sold for a profit. As a result, the employee has stock in the company that he may sell in the future to increase his fortune.

It is a priceless funding option that kicks in when the employee runs out of money and makes money available right away to buy a lot of stock in the company. Employees are able to exercise their ESOPs thanks to the loan against them, and Bajaj Finance makes the demat, bank paperwork, and share transfer processes easier.

How to apply for ESOP financing

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Step-by-step guide to apply for ESOP financing

Step 1: Click on ‘Apply’ to initiate your application.
Step 2: Enter your mobile number to Sign in and click ‘GET OTP’.
Step 3: Enter the OTP sent to your mobile number. On successful verification, you will be redirected to our online application form.
Step 4: Enter basic details like: Full name, Email ID, mobile number and city of residence.
Step 5: Under ‘Type of Security’ select ‘ESOP Financing’.
Step 6: Enter the total portfolio value of your security and click on ‘Submit’.

Once your application form is submitted, our representative will get in touch with your further proceedings. The final loan amount shall be calculated basis the valuation of the company and the price of the share.
Disbursement shall be done post successfully verification.

Frequently asked questions 

How can apply for ESOP financing?

If you are planning to buy ESOP of any of the approved list of companies, Bajaj Finance can help finance your purchase. You can get a loan amount ranging from Rs. 1 Lakh to Rs. 175 crore at an interest rate of up to 20% p.a.

Is ESOP funding available for all companies?

No. ESOP Funding is available for the companies listed stock exchanges and subject to approval from credit team of Bajaj Finance. Check the list of companies eligible for ESOP funding.

What security / collateral is required for ESOP financing?

No additional security / collateral is needed to be provided, apart from the shares against which the ESOP funding is granted.

What benefit does the Employees Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) offer?

An ESOP's benefit is that it enables staff members to purchase shares or ownership in the business they support. You get stock in the business after joining as an employee.

Who is eligible for ESOP?

Eligibility for Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOPs) varies by company and is determined by the employer. Typically, ESOPs are offered to employees as a part of their compensation package, often to incentivise and retain talent. Eligibility criteria may include factors such as job position, performance, and the duration of employment. Startups and established companies commonly grant ESOPs to employees, particularly to key team members, but the specifics can differ widely.

Is ESOP good for employees?

ESOPs can be beneficial for employees. They provide an opportunity for employees to become partial owners of the company they work for, potentially profiting from the company's growth and success. ESOPs can align employee interests with company performance and promote long-term commitment. However, the actual benefits depend on the company's financial health and the potential for share value appreciation. Additionally, there may be restrictions on when and how employees can exercise their options, so it's essential for employees to understand the details of the ESOP plan offered by their employer.

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