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Home Loan Part Pre Payment Calculator

Loan AmountINR
Rate of InterestPercent
The amount needs to be minmum 3 times your EMI
Amount INR

Your EMI will be Rs. 1,00,083 per month


Revised EMI

Rs. 10,15,990

Savings in EMI

Rs. 50,51,552

EMI Saved


Tenor Saved


Repayment Schedule

  • Enrolment Number
  • Month
  • Opening Balance
  • Interest
  • Principal
  • EMI

What is Home Loan pre-payment?

Pre-payment is early loan repayment. Pre-payment is an EMI installment payment before its due date and is usually a big amount. If you have a large sum of money, then you can pay this amount back to repay part of your home loan. This results in either a reduction in the EMIs for the remaining tenure or reduction in tenure with the same EMI. The pre-payment amount must be at least three times your EMI.

What is Home Loan part pre-payment calculator?

Part pre-payment calculator is a calculator that shows the positive impact of an early repayment of your loan.

How to use Home Loan Prepayment calculator?

All you need to do is simply enter your loan details and then enter the amount you wish to pre-pay. Do keep in mind that this amount will have to be minimum three times the calculated EMI.

You can move the sliders to your left or right to adjust the values or you can directly type the values for the following:
1.The Loan Amount
2.Tenor( In Months)
3.Rate Of Interest
4.The part pre-payment amount that you wish to pay After you enter these details, click on “Done”. You will be able to see two options.
1. EMI Saved: This table shows the reduction in your EMI and monthly savings in EMI post part pre-payment
2. Tenor Saved: This table shows the reduction in your tenor post part pre-payment

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