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What is Home Loan?

• A home loan is the money that a lender offers you to buy a property. The lender takes the property as a security for the home loan.
• The property can be a personal property or a commercial one.
• In the case of non-payment of dues, the lender can retrieve the loan money through the sale of the said property.

Types of Home Loans:
• Home Purchase Loan: This loan is taken to buy a home.
• Home Improvement Loan: This loan is taken to fund the repair or renovation of a home.
Home Construction Loan: This loan is taken for constructing a new home.
Land Purchase Loan: This loan is taken to buy a piece of land.
• Home Extension Loan: This loan is taken for expanding an existing home. For example, you could use it to add another room.
Joint Home Loan: This is a loan that can be taken by two or more people.
Home Loan Balance Transfer: This allows you to transfer the balance on your current home loan to a new loan structure.
• Top Up Home Loan: This allows you to borrow money over and above your initial home loan amount. Bajaj Finserv offers attractive rates for to up loans.

Online Home Loan application form and get easy approval and we shall take care of the rest. For the offline loan application, you can simply visit any of our branch, call or SMS to know more.

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