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About EMI Calculator

The prerequisite to borrowing any type of loan, secured or unsecured, is to ascertain the EMI payable and interest liabilities against it. An EMI calculator is the perfect tool to compute the required values. Available on lending institutions’ official portals and on third-party websites, such calculators derive equated monthly instalments by using just three sets of information.


Results generated by the calculator(s) are indicative in nature. The interest rate applied on the loan will depend on the prevailing rates at the time of loan booking.
The calculator(s) is not intended to provide its users/ customers with results that are either certified by Bajaj Finance Limited (“BFL”) or are an obligation, assurance, warranty, undertaking or commitment, financial and professional advice by BFL, under any circumstances. The calculator(s) is only a tool that assists the users/ customers arrive at the results of various illustrative scenarios generated from data input by the user/ customer. The use of the calculator is entirely at the risk of the user/ customer, BFL is not responsible for any reason, for any errors in any outcome resulting from the use of the calculator.

Frequently asked questions

What is an EMI? How is it calculated?

EMI stands for equated monthly instalments. It is the monthly amount that you will have to pay when opting for any type of loan. The entire loan amount, along with interest liabilities, is broken down into smaller monthly sums. The tenor, principal, and the interest rate charged are crucial parameters for EMI computation.

The formula for EMI calculation is as follows:

EMI = P x R x (1+R)^N / [(1+R)^N-1], where P is the principal, R is the rate of interest, and N is the tenor.

Enter the principal, tenor, and rate of interest to calculate the EMIs payable, and total interest payable and get a detailed amortisation schedule.

How to use an EMI calculator?

Using an EMI calculator is simple. Use the slider to select the loan amount you wish to borrow, repayment term and loan interest rate quoted. Once you have selected these three inputs, your EMI will be displayed on the screen. These tools are available for free and can be used any number of times.