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Gold Loan EMI Calculator



Gold loans have gained traction as easy means of availing funds in the past few years. It is recommended to utilise a gold loan calculator before applying for the credits to gauge the repayment liability beforehand.

The Bajaj Finserv gold loan EMI calculator provides accurate results in no time on entering a few important parameters.

Today get gold loan at

Please enter a value above 1.5gm
1 tola=10 gm
Please enter a value between 5,000 and 25,00,000
Choose between Rs. 5,000 and Rs. 25,00,000

Select interest repayment frequency

Rate of Interest (per annum)

  • Gold weight required

    00 grams
  • Repayment Frequency

  • Interest Repayment

    Rs. 00

Gold Loan have a fixed tenure of 12 months

Disclaimer: Calculation is indicative and may change post actual valuation of gold at the branch

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is the gold loan interest calculated?

You can determine the gold loan interest by subtracting the principal loan amount from the total outstanding. You can also take the assistance of a gold loan interest rate calculator to know about the same and learn how the interest rate alters EMIs and total outstanding amounts.

2. How to use a gold loan calculator?

Following is a step-by-step guide to using a gold loan calculator:

  • Step 1: Visit the website of a gold loan calculator
  • Step 2: Enter the required values, i.e. gold loan interest rate, loan tenor, weight and carat of gold articles, and payment method
  • Step 3: Get the EMI amount and other loan details instantly

3. What is the eligibility criteria for gold loans?

The gold loan eligibility criteria are straightforward, and any adult Indian in possession of gold ornaments can apply for this credit. It does not mandate borrowers to maintain a high credit score or an impressive credit history. However, lenders may focus on repayment capacity and documentation before approving the loan.

4. What is Gold Loan Calculator?

A gold loan calculator is an online tool that allows prospective borrowers to get a better understanding of their liabilities. Online calculators like these have different fields, where individuals need to enter information such as net weight of the gold articles, gold carat, loan amount, interest rate, tenor, and payment method to find the monthly instalments payable.

Besides EMIs, online gold loan calculators also offer better insight into a particular loan offer through an amortisation schedule. This schedule provides a detailed break-up of the EMIs payable throughout the tenor.

Note: Gold loan calculators require no additional charges to use them.

5. What are the Benefits of Gold Loan Calculator?

The benefits of a gold loan calculator include:

  • Faster calculation: It delivers swift results. On entering the required values, it will provide details about the EMIs and other loan components instantly.

  • Accurate results: EMIs and total interest payable can be computed manually. However, manual calculations are time-consuming and leave room for errors. With this online calculator, such issues can be easily avoided. Users get accurate results every time, with any value entered.

  • Easy to use: An online gold interest calculator is easy to use and navigate through. It features specific fields to enter different loan components such as interest rate, the weight of gold jewellery, gold carat, payment method, and tenor. It then displays the results.

  • Financial planning: This calculator also aids in financial planning. Since it provides details about EMIs and interest payments beforehand, users can plan repayments better.
Apart from these, the customisation facility offered by this calculator helps to find the perfect gold loan offer without any hassle.

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