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Message from our Head of Human Resources

Dear Colleague,

Thank you for choosing this confidential and secure channel to share your inputs. Your inputs reach a neutral panel of experts via a securely and remotely managed database which only the select number of HR employees and employee grievance committee members have access to. All information shared via email is categorized as "Highly Confidential" and remain so at all points of time. The neutral panel officers are bound by "Rules of Confidentiality" and are liable for strict disciplinary actions should they be found guilty of "Breach of Trust" in their capacity as investigation officers.

While we do recommend that you mention your name and contact details for better investigation, we respect your confidentiality and anonymity should you choose not to reveal your identity while sharing your inputs. This link can be accessed from both BFL and Non-BFL computers and there is no virtual pathway to track the message back to the sender. Employee discretion and maturity is advised and to use this channel to communicate only issues, inputs or observations which are related to professional work ethics and our stated competencies, and which are otherwise not solvable through the normal management hierarchy.

Please note that this channel is not a medium to settle personal indifferences or maliciously use the neutral panel competences to tactfully settle personal scores between individuals.

Best Regards

Chief Human Resource and Administration Officer
Bajaj Finserv