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Fixed Deposit Calculator

When investing in a fixed deposit, the amount you deposit earns interest as per the prevailing FD interest rate. This interest keeps compounding over time and helps you grow your savings. Calculating all these details manually can be a tedious and time-consuming process. With the FD return calculator, you can now estimate the interest gains and FD maturity amount without must hustle.
The FD calculator can assist you in determining how much interest you can receive by investing in a fixed deposit for a set period. The maturity amount is calculated using an online FD calculator, interest compounded annually.

An FD calculator enables you to compare the maturity amount and interest rates of FDs offered for varied investment amount.

What is a cumulative fixed deposit?

When you invest in a cumulative fixed deposit, your interest gets compounded and paid at maturity. You can analyse your returns using the online FD interest calculator.

What is a non-cumulative fixed deposit?

When you invest in a non-cumulative fixed deposit, you can periodically avail of your interest payouts. You can opt for these payouts monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annually. Compute your interest using the fixed deposit interest calculator to determine the payout amounts according to your investment.

Here is a quick look at the features and benefits offered on fixed deposits by Bajaj Finance.

Interest rate

Up to 8.60% p.a.

Minimum tenure

12 months

Maximum tenure

60 months

Deposit amount

Minimum deposit of Rs. 15,000

Application process

End-to-end online process

Online payment options

Netbanking and UPI

Advantages of using the online FD calculator

There are several advantages of using an online fixed deposit (FD) calculator, including:

  1. Accuracy: Online FD calculators are highly accurate and reliable, as they use advanced algorithms to calculate the interest earned on a fixed deposit, taking into account factors such as the deposit amount, tenure, and interest rate.
  2. Convenience: With an online FD calculator, you can easily calculate the interest earned on your fixed deposit from the comfort of your home or office, without the need to visit a bank or financial institution.
  3. Time-saving: Online FD calculators are designed to provide quick results, enabling you to calculate the interest earned on your fixed deposit in a matter of seconds.
  4. Comparison: An online FD calculator also allows you to compare the interest rates offered by different banks and financial institutions, helping you make an informed decision on where to invest your money.
  5. Planning: An online FD calculator can help you plan your finances more effectively by providing a clear picture of the interest earned on your fixed deposit, enabling you to make better financial decisions.

Overall, an online FD calculator is a valuable tool for anyone looking to invest in a fixed deposit, as it provides accurate and reliable calculations, is highly convenient and time-saving, and helps with financial planning and decision-making.

How to calculate FD interest?

The FD return calculator helps in determining the interest and the maturity amount of your investment. For using the FD calculator follow the below steps:

Step 1: Choose the customer type like customer below the age of 60 years or senior citizens.
Step 2: Enter the investment amount or use the slider to choose the investment amount.
Step 3: Enter the tenure or select from the slider.
Step 4: Choose your payout mode like whether you want your interest payout at maturity, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly.

The FD maturity amount calculator formula is:
A = P(1+r/n)^n*t

  • A is maturity amount
  • P is the principal amount
  • r is the rate of interest
  • t is number of years
  • n is compounded interest frequency

For an investment amount of Rs. 15,000, below is the interest earned and FD maturity amount for customers below 60 years of age.

Period (in months)

Interest rate

( w.e.f May 10, 2023)

Interest earned


Maturity amount (Rs.)


7.40% p.a.




7.40% p.a.




7.75% p.a.




8.35% p.a.




8.05% p.a.



For an investment amount of Rs. 15,000, below is the interest earned and maturity amount for senior citizens.

Period (in months)

Interest rate

 (w.e.f May 10, 2023)

Interest earned 


Maturity amount (Rs.)





















FD calculator

NRI Fixed Deposit Calculator

Calculate your return to invest better

As an NRI, you can invest in a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit, wherein you earn fixed interest on the amount deposited, which compounds over time. The NRI FD Calculator is a simple tool that helps you determine your maturity amount so that you can plan your investment. All you need to do is enter the desired deposit amount, choose a suitable tenure, and you will automatically see the returns on your deposit at maturity, even before you start investing.

Frequently asked questions

How to use an FD calculator online?

Using the FD interest rate calculator is a simple process. Here are the steps to use the FD Calculator.
1. Choose your customer type, i.e. customers below the age of 60 (investing offline or online) or senior citizen
2. Choose the type of fixed deposit you want, i.e. cumulative or non-cumulative
3. Choose your fixed deposit amount
4. Choose the preferred tenor of the fixed deposit
5. The fixed deposit interest calculator will automatically display your interest payout and the total amount earned at maturity
Using the Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit interest calculator can be a great way to determine your returns before investing. This can help you streamline your finances efficiently and maximize the returns on your investment.

How to calculate the fixed deposit maturity amount?

You can use the FD calculator or term deposit calculator to determine the FD maturity amount. Go to the online FD interest calculator and select customer category – senior citizen or customer below 60. Next, you need to select the FD type – cumulative or non-cumulative. And finally, choose your preferred deposit amount and tenor. The interest and maturity amount will then be automatically displayed on the screen.
You can use the FD calculator to determine the maturity amount of your fixed deposit. Interest rates vary according to the type of FD you choose, i.e. cumulative/ non-cumulative and the tenor. This FD interest calculator helps you determine the maturity amount in less than a minute.

How is fixed deposit interest calculated?

The returns on your fixed deposit investment are determined by your interest rates and frequency of interest payouts. These interest rates are compounded periodically, and the formula supporting the FD interest rates calculator is listed below.
Here's the FD calculation formula:
A is maturity amount
P is the principal amount
r is the rate of interest
t is the number of years
n is compounded interest frequency

What is a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit interest rate calculator?

Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit interest calculator helps you determine the amount you will receive on the maturity of the deposit along with FD interest. It also enables you to calculate and compare the interest receivable by changing the deposit amount, tenor and interest payout frequency.

Can we get monthly interest on a fixed deposit?

Yes, you can get monthly interest payouts if you choose ‘monthly’ in the payout mode dropdown. When you invest your money in FDs, you gain interest on your principal amount. Using the FD Calculator online, Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit enables you to choose your preferred tenor and the payout frequency to determine the gains you stand to make. If you’re looking for a monthly income from your investment, you can choose to get your interest payouts every month. With the help of a fixed deposit interest calculator, your monthly interest can be calculated efficiently.
However, your interest payout frequency may also impact the interest rate. The more frequently you withdraw your interest, the lesser interest you gain. You can keep checking the Bajaj Finance FD return calculator to know your returns before investing.

What is the ‘maturity amount’ in FD?

The maturity amount of your fixed deposit is a sum of your principal amount invested, along with pre-decided returns earned over the chosen tenor. You can easily calculate the FD maturity amount with an FD calculator online, even before investing. Enter the desired investment amount preferred tenor, and your FD maturity amount is calculated quickly.

How does the Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit interest calculator work?

Based on your investment amount, tenure and payout option, Bajaj Finance FD calculator provides the applicable interest rate on your investment and calculates your interest along with the maturity amount.

What is the difference between Bajaj Finance’s cumulative and non-cumulative payout options?

Based on payout frequency, these two fixed deposit types are distinct from one another. A cumulative fixed deposit is used to pay the interest at maturity after it has been compounded annually. The interest is paid out either monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annually in a non-cumulative fixed deposit, depending on your needs.

How is premature FD penalty calculated?

Bajaj Finance offers its customers the option of premature withdrawal of FD. The guidelines for the same are:
• No withdrawal before 3 months
• Withdrawal between 3-6 months: No interest will be paid
• Withdrawal after 6 months but before the date of maturity: The interest payable is 2% lower than the applicable interest rate.
To avoid premature withdrawal, here are some alternate options that you can use.

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For the FD calculator the actual returns may vary slightly if the Fixed Deposit tenure includes a leap year.