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RBL Credit Card Payment

The RBL credit card payment procedure is simple and convenient. Apart from various online payment options, cardholders can also choose to pay their credit card bills offline through cheque or cash.

How to pay RBL Credit Card bill?

Options to pay your RBL Credit Card Bill

  • RBL Credit Card Bill Payment through Net Banking

    You can use the online net banking option to pay your credit card bills. Log into your existing RBL Bank account, and make the payment towards your Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard.

    RBL Credit Card Bill Payment through NEFT

    RBL credit card online payment through NEFT is one of the most widely used payment options. NEFT permits the payment of credit card bills electronically between banks, and is extremely safe and secure. Moreover, the procedure is completely paperless, while the payment charges are also lower, especially when compared to other payment options.

    RBL Credit Card Bill Payment through RBL MyCard App

    Make your RBL credit card online payment easily by using the RBL MyCard Mobile App. Through this application, you can easily manage your account, check your financial statements and transactions, and pay your credit card bills instantly.

    RBL Credit Card Bill Payement through NACH

    Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard holders can link their existing account (with any bank) to their SuperCard using NACH facility, and automate their credit card payments.

    RBL Credit Card Bill Payment through Paytm

    A facility made available only to RBL SuperCard holders, you can pay your credit card bills by using payment wallets like Paytm for faster bill clearance.

    RBL Credit Card Bill Payment through Bill Desk

    You can make your RBL card payment instantly via Bill Desk, and receive a confirmation within a matter of seconds!

    RBL Credit Card Bill Payment through Cheque

    You can draw a cheque in favour of Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard, with your 16-digit card number.

    RBL Credit Card Bill Payment through Cash

    If you prefer making your monthly RBL card payment by cash, you can do so by visiting your closest Bajaj Finserv branch or RBL Branch. You can deposit the amount in your credit card account with your name and account number. However, additional charges and taxes are applicable if you are making the payment through cash.

By opting for one of the digital payment methods, you can make your RBL credit card payment from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is download the RBL MyCard App, or use digital wallets like Paytm, or make payments via NEFT or net banking. You will receive instant notifications upon successfully making the payment.

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