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You can find answers to queries related to our products and services by using the ‘Raise a Request’ facility in My Account - Bajaj Finance customer portal.

Our customer support team will try to provide you with assistance immediately.

This online service can also be used to update your contact information without the need to visit a Bajaj Finserv branch. Just head to the ‘Help and Support’ section in My Account and raise a request to get your queries resolved.

On submitting your request, you will be assigned a service request number. This number will help you track the status of your request.

  • Reach out to us with your queries

    Reach out to us with your queries

    You can raise your request in My Account by following these simple steps:

    • Click on the ‘Sign-in’ button on this page to go to our customer portal.
    • Enter your registered mobile number, date of birth, and submit the OTP.
    • Select the product for which you would like to raise a request.
    • In case you want to raise any query related to your existing relationships with us, select your product.
    • Choose the ‘Query type’ and ‘Sub-query type’ relevant to your issue.
    • Upload a supporting document, if needed, and submit the request.

    Alternatively, you can reach out to us by clicking on the ‘Raise your query’ option below. You will be asked to sign in to ‘My Account’ and redirected to the ‘Raise a Request’ section, where you can enter the details of your issue.

    Once submitted, you can expect a call with a resolution of your query within 48 business hours.

    Raise your query

  • If you have queries regarding your product, you can raise them online in our customer portal. Once you submit your request, our customer representative will reach out to you within 48 business hours and provide you with a resolution to your query.

    All you have to do is visit My Account, and sign-in with your mobile number and date of birth. Once signed-in, you can select the product for which you would like to raise a service request and choose the relevant ‘Query Type’ and ‘Sub-query Type’. If required, you can then submit a supporting document and submit your request.

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  • Raise a Request

    Sign-in to My Account and find the answers to all your queries.