A step by step guide to applying for a home loan

The process of applying for a home loan with Bajaj Finserv is straightforward. Bajaj Finserv offers home loans of Rs. 5 Crore* and or higher, to eligible applicants with strong financial profiles.

Individuals need to provide their basic personal, employment, income, and property details to complete the home loan application form process.

Once complete, submit the documents required for home loan online, and coordinate with the verification process to receive approval. If all details are in place, the loan amount is approved, and a sanctioned letter is issued shortly.

The housing loan process differs for salaried and non-salaried applicants. Below is thus given a step-by-step guide on how to get a home loan for both individuals.

Home loan application process for salaried individuals

  1. 1 Enter key financial, personal and employment information in their relevant sections
  2. 2 Use home loan eligibility calculator to know the loan amount that you are eligible for. Subsequently, use the home loan EMI calculator to plan your loan effectively and opt for a suitable amount
  3. 3 Furnish property-related documentation
  4. 4 Pay the online secure fee to book the available offer and await contact from an authorised Bajaj Finserv Relationship Manager
  5. 5 Upload the required documentation to initiate verification protocols

Home loan application process for self-employed individuals

  1. 1 Initiate the online application as mentioned above
  2. 2 Offer all relevant details such as business vintage, loan amount required and annual income
  3. 3 Click on the ‘Submit’ option once you have filled in all the details
  4. 4 Access and avail the pre-approved loan offer