Two-wheeler Loan Interest Rates and Charges
Bajaj Finserv offers a two-wheeler loan at an affordable rate of interest. Done

Bajaj Finserv offers an interest rate up to 35%.

Two-wheeler loan fees and charges

Type of fee

Applicable charges

Rate of interest

Up to 35% per annum

Processing fee

Up to 12.95% of the loan amount (inclusive of applicable taxes)

Documentation and hypothecation charges

Up to Rs. 2,500/- (inclusive of applicable taxes) collected upfront

Stamp duty (as per respective state)

Payable as per state laws and collected upfront

Prepayment charges

Full prepayment
Up to 4.72% (inclusive of applicable taxes) on the outstanding loan amount as on the date of full pre-payment

Up to 4.72% (inclusive of applicable taxes) of the principal amount of loan prepaid on the date of such part-prepayment

*Full/part-prepayment will be processed post clearance of the first EMI

Bounce charge

In case of default of repayment instrument, Rs. 531/- per bounce will be levied

Penal interest

Delay in payment of monthly instalment shall attract penal interest at the rate of 42% per annum applicable on the monthly instalment outstanding, from the respective due date until the date of receipt of monthly instalment

Mandate rejection charge

Rs. 450/- per month from the first month of due date for mandate rejected by customer’s bank until the new mandate is registered.

Loan enhancement fee

Rs. 117/- (inclusive of applicable taxes) for temporary increase in EMI card limit for the loan transaction. Same will be charged only for increase in limit in excess of Rs. 999/- to be collected along with first instalment

Legal, repossession and incidental charges

Rs. 3,540/- (inclusive of applicable taxes)

Stockyard charges

Rs. 59/- per day up to 60 days (Inclusive of applicable Taxes)

Broken period interest/ pre-EMI interest

Broken period interest/ pre-EMI interest shall mean the amount of interest on loan for the number of day(s) which is(are) charged in two scenarios:

Scenario 1 – More than 30 days from the date of loan disbursal till the first EMI is charged:

In this scenario, broken period interest is recovered by adding to the first instalment amount

Scenario 2 – Less than 30 days from the date of loan disbursal till the first EMI is charged:

In this scenario, interest is charged only for the actual number of days since the loan was disbursed



Fees for delay in RC hypothecation

Rs. 1500/- (inclusive of applicable charges)

*This is a one-time charge levied if there is delay in receiving the RC beyond 120 days post disbursement

Loan Cancellation/ Cooling Off period Cooling off/ Look-up period of three days from the date of disbursement applicable for all digital loans (as per company policy on Cooling off period)