Car Insurance FAQs

Frequently asked questions

Can I renew my car insurance policy online?

Yes, you can easily renew your car insurance policy online. Also, you can get a no claim bonus or NCB in case you have had a claim free year when you renew your policy on time.

Bajaj Finance Limited partnered with top insurers and offers a 100% digital platform to buy car insurance policies. You visit the Bajaj Finance Insurance Mall to buy a comprehensive car insurance policy online that suits your requirements.

Can I buy car insurance online?

Yes, you can buy a car insurance policy online easily and quickly. You just need to provide your details and information about the car to obtain a quick quote for getting your car covered.

Bajaj Finance Limited offers a 100% digital process to buy a car insurance policy. Choose from a range of comprehensive car insurance policies offered by leading insurers in India. Get coverage against any loss or damage caused to your own vehicle or the third party. Also, get a personal accident cover.

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Why do I need a car insurance policy?

A car insurance policy is important to stay financially equipped in case of any accident or damage caused to your vehicle or a third party. Nonetheless, having a third-party car insurance policy is mandatory if you are driving on the roads in India. You can easily buy a car insurance policy online. Here's why it's a must.

• As mentioned above, third-party insurance is mandatory by law. Comprehensive car insurance policies also offer benefits of third-party insurance policy.
• Covers expenses in case of an accident that causes damage to your vehicle or third party. You also get coverage for medical expenses with a personal accident cover offered in the policy.
• It gives financial coverage if caused physical injury, death, or loss of property caused to the third party.
• You can also get add-on covers with a comprehensive car insurance policy. Add-on covers like zero depreciation cover and engine protection cover give you total financial coverage in time of need. More add-on covers are available, which you may avail of as per your requirements.

What are the benefits of buying car insurance online?

Buying car insurance online is hassle-free and a lot more convenient. Imagine collecting physical brochures from different insurance companies and then manually comparing them to buy car insurance. You can avoid this exhausting task by simply buying car insurance online. Most of the insurance companies now offer car insurance policies online.

Read to know how it helps you.
• Easily compare policies from premiums to sum insured and coverages offered in a policy online
• Read the customer reviews, share information, or ask questions directly to the insurance company
• Saves your time and effort from looking for good car insurance policies offline
• Download your policy copy online immediately

With Bajaj Finance Limited, you can easily apply online. Make the payment from your preferred modes of payment like UPI, net banking, credit card, or debit card.

Are offline and online car insurance policies the same?

Yes, offline and online car insurance policies are the same. But purchasing car insurance online can be easy and convenient. On buying the four-wheeler insurance policy online, your insurance provider will quickly send your policy document email to your registered email ID.

Where can I check the policy details of my car insurance?

You can check the car insurance information from the provided policy documents. You can also verify the policy details by logging into the insurer's website by simply filling in these details.

• Policy number
• Start and end date of the policy
• Type of policy (comprehensive, own-damage, or third-party insurance)
• Number of the engine and the chassis

If bought a car insurance policy from Bajaj Finance Insurance Mall, check the policy details on the Bajaj Finserv App. You can also visit the website and go to My Account section to check the policy details.

What is an endorsement?

An endorsement is written documentation of the car insurance policy that states the changes in the policy agreed upon between the insurer and policyholder. It is a document that reflects any modifications made after policy issuance in terms of policy coverage. This document is essential and mentions all the key points that the car insurance policyholder should note.

What is a voluntary deductible?

A voluntary deductible is an amount that the policyholder agrees to pay voluntarily in case of a claim. On opting for the voluntary deductible, you can also benefit from a discount on the premium paid towards the policy. The greater the voluntary deductible amount, the greater the discount on the premium.

What do I gain if I do not claim when the damage is minimal?

If you do not file any claims in a policy year, you will accumulate a percent of the No Claim Bonus. Every motor insurance company offers a No Claim Bonus for every claim-free year. You get the bonus as a reward. The insurer will provide you with a discount on car insurance renewal premium. You can get up to 50% of the No Claim Bonus.

How can I cancel my claim?

You need to contact your respective car insurance policy provider to cancel a claim. They will guide you regarding the cancellation process.

Will the claim be valid if I lodge my claim after the vehicle insurance policy expires for the event during the policy term?

No, cannot claim the benefits of the car insurance policy for your vehicle damage. The insurer addresses only claims made during the active policy period. If the policy expires, the insurer will not reimburse for any damages caused to your vehicle. Hence, submitting a claim after the expiry of the policy is futile.

How many times can I apply for a claim in a year?

You can initiate as many claims as you want in a year. However, you must check with insurer to know their policy terms and conditions. The number of claims may differ from insurer to insurer.

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