ACKO Car Insurance FAQs

Frequently asked questions

How to raise a car insurance claim?

To raise a car insurance you need to get in touch with Acko General Insurance. To do so, register your claim at or call us on 1860-266-2256.

What if accident happened at night or on a Sunday, how will ACKO arrange the pick up?

Beyond working hours of the driver, we will utilise the services of Roadside Assistance for towing/pick up for vehicle beyond drivable condition else contact center would schedule a pickup as per your requirements during working hours.

Once available, can add-ons be added in the middle of the policy period?

Yes, you can add add-ons in the middle of the policy. We may need to check your car once before adding few Add-ons.

What if my policy document is misplaced?

You will receive the soft copy of your insurance policy in your inbox as soon as you purchase the policy. That soft copy is a valid policy document.

Is there a limit on the number of add-ons I can purchase?

Buying additional coverages i.e. add-ons along with your policy is not mandatory. Thus, you can choose any number of add-ons. However, it is advised that you buy only those add-ons that fulfill your requirements. This will help you keep the cost of your car insurance policy optimized, as each add-ons will increase the amount of premium.

What happens to my car insurance policy if I add modifications to my car?

Since modifications increase the value of your car, it will affect the cost of your car insurance policy as well. This will happen if you consider adding those modifications in your car insurance policy as well. Thus, modifications to the vehicle may increase the premium amount, depending on your choice to get them insured.

What does ‘cashless' mean in Cashless Garage?

To make the claims process faster, insurance companies have tie-ups with local garages. Such garages form a network. If you get your car repaired from a network garage, you can avail cashless repairs. In this process, you do not need to worry about collecting physical bills and then submitting the paperwork for raising a claim. Your insurer coordinates with the garage making the process hassle-free for you. It is not a 100% cashless claim, you need to bear a minimal cost under deductibles.

Which type of car insurance should I purchase?

An insurance policy should be purchased keeping in mind your personal requirements and the coverage offered by the policy. Usually, a comprehensive car insurance policy provides extended coverage. Plus, you can buy additional coverages with this type of insurance.

Does ACKO resolve claims beyond city limits?

Yes, but ACKO will not provide a pick-up and drop facility outside the city limits. You will need to contact the ACKO centre to know the nearest network garage/workshop. You will have to get your vehicle towed to the garage. Once taken there, an external surveyor will assess the damages caused and make a report accordingly.

Do I have to inform anyone if I install a CNG/LPG kit in my car?

Yes, you can contact the ACKO help desk at 1860-266-2256 or send an email at You need to inform the insurer if you make any major changes to the vehicle.

How do I change my policy details?

To change your policy details, contact the ACKO help desk at 1860-266-2256 or email You need to submit supporting documents if applicable.

What is the ‘door-to-door’ claim policy at ACKO?

ACKO offers totally stress-free claims. You now don't need to worry about raising a car insurance claim. With features such as free pickup and drop*, three-day repair guarantee*, and claim tracking.

(*check your policy document for more information)

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