ACKO Car Insurance FAQs

Frequently asked questions

How to raise a car insurance claim?

Contact the insurer by calling on 1800-266-2256 (toll-free) or sending an email at for support. Here’s a quick guide to how you can raise a car insurance claim online with ACKO General Insurance company.

  • Visit the insurer’s website
  • Log in to the account by providing your mobile number
  • Click on ‘Claim Now’

You will also get an option of availing an instant settlement.

What if accident happened at night or on a Sunday, how will ACKO arrange the pickup?

ACKO offers 24x7 roadside assistance cover. You can avail the benefit to get your vehicle towed to the network garage beyond on any day. You can also contact the center to schedule a pickup during the working hours as per your requirement.

Can I buy add-on covers in the middle of the policy period?

Yes, you can buy add-on covers in the middle of the policy. ACKO will check your car once before offering you add-on covers.

What if my policy document gets misplaced?

You receive a soft copy of the car insurance policy at the time of purchase. The insurer sends the policy immediately after purchase on your registered email ID. You can use the soft copy, as considered valid policy document.

Is there a limit on the number of add-ons I can purchase?

Choose any number of add-ons based on your requirements. You need to pay extra to buy the add-on covers. Therefore, you can choose to add as many as add-on covers to your comprehensive car insurance policy.

What happens to my car insurance policy if I modify my car?

Making modifications to the car increases the value of your car. Therefore, it will affect the cost of your ACKO car insurance policy. To get coverage for these additional features, you will have to pay higher premium than usual.

What does ‘cashless' mean in cashless garage?

The insurers have a network of garages that offer cashless services to their policyholders. Policyholders can get their vehicles repaired at these network garages without paying the bill. The insurer directly deals with the network garage and completes all formalities. Insurer also settles the bill directly with the network garage. Therefore, it says cashless garage.

Which type of car insurance should I buy?

Consider an insurance policy that covers you adequately against any damages or losses incurred. Having a third-party insurance is mandatory by law but securing your own vehicle is also important. You may choose to buy a standalone own damage cover along with your third-party car insurance to stay fully covered. You can also look for comprehensive car insurance policies that cover you against both third party and own damages. The premiums for these car insurance policies are different and based on the coverages offered.

Does ACKO resolve claims beyond city limits?

Yes, you can avail the roadside assistance facility. Contact the ACKO centre to know the nearest network garage/workshop. You will have to get your vehicle towed to the garage. Once taken there, an external surveyor will assess the damages caused and make a report accordingly. The insurer will then carry out the claim process.

Do I have to inform anyone if I install a CNG/LPG kit in my car?

Yes, you need to inform your insurer about any modifications made to the car. Contact the ACKO help desk at 1860-266-2256 or send an email at

How do I change my policy details?

To change your policy details, contact the ACKO help desk at 1860-266-2256 or email You need to submit supporting documents if applicable.

What is the ‘door-to-door’ claim policy at ACKO?

ACKO offers totally stress-free claims. ACKO’s door-to-door claims helps you settle the claim hassle-free. You get free pickup and drop* services, three-day repair guarantee*, and claim tracking.

(*check your policy document for more information)

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