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Flexi Personal Loan - Features & Benefits

Flexi loans are a very convenient option for borrowing funds in India. You can avail loan of a certain amount, based on your eligibility, withdraw this amount when in need and prepay whenever you have funds in hand.

Here’s what sets Flexi personal loan apart from other loan variants:

  • Pay interest only on the amount you have withdrawn from the borrowed amount

  • Option to pay just the interest as your EMI for the first year

You can use a Flexi loan to manage many expenses, including higher education, home renovation, a family vacation, wedding, medical emergencies, and others.

Here are some of the features of a Flexi personal loan

  • No multiple applications

    You need not apply for withdrawing any amount within your sanctioned loan limit. Withdraw an amount from your loan limit and get it transferred into your bank account

  • Free part-prepayment

    Part-prepay when you have additional funds in hand without the need to bear any extra charges

  • Choose to pay interest as EMIs

    Reduce the burden of hefty instalments by paying only interest as your EMI for the initial tenor

  • Multiple withdrawals

    No documents are required for withdrawing funds multiple times. No extra charges are levied.

  • Online withdrawal and payments

    withdraw funds or part-prepay online with customer portal – Experia

  • Interest charged daily

    Interest will be charged daily as per the amount withdrawn by the end of the day. You can calculate your day-wise interest with our Flexi Interest Calculator.

Documents Required for a Flexi Personal Loan

  • KYC documents
  • Last 2 months’ salary slips
  • Bank account statements of the previous 3 months
  • Employee ID Card

Eligibility Criteria

  • You should be between 20 and 60 years of age.
  • You should be a salaried employee of either an MNC, public, or private company.
  • You should be a resident Indian citizen. (Select cities applicable)

How to Apply

Step 1
Click here to go to our online form. Fill all the details and submit the form.

Step 2
To get an instant approval, select your required loan amount and tenor.

Step 3
Our representative will get in touch with you to collect the required documents.

Step 4
The money will be credited to your loan account after approval. You can then withdraw the funds as you need and transfer them to your bank account within 2 hours.

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