Features and Benefits of Home Loan Up To Rs. 50 lakh

Applicants interested in availing a housing loan, can read more to know about the features of the Bajaj Finserv Home Loan.

  • Reasonable rate of interest

    Reasonable rate of interest

    Starting from 8.70%*, Bajaj Finserv offers applicants an affordable home loan option to fit their finances.

  • Speedy disbursal

    Speedy disbursal

    No more long waits for loan amounts with Bajaj Finserv. Find your sanction amount in your bank account in just 48* hours from approval.

  • Large top-up loan

    Large top-up loan

    Get a high-value top-up loan with a nominal rate of interest to address other obligations with ease.

  • Easy balance transfer

    Easy balance transfer

    Transfer the home loan you have to Bajaj Finserv by submitting minimal documentation and save more.

  • External benchmark linked loans

    External benchmark linked loans

    By opting for the Bajaj Finserv Home Loan linked to an external benchmark, applicants can enjoy reduced EMIs along with favourable market conditions.

  • Digital monitoring

    Digital monitoring

    Now keep a close eye on all your loan developments and EMI schedules through the Bajaj Finserv online platform.

  • Long tenor stretch

    Long tenor stretch

    The Bajaj Finserv home loan tenor stretches up to 30 years allowing borrowers a buffer period to plan out their EMI payments.

  • Property dossier facility

    Property dossier facility

    Get a handy guide to assist with the legal and financial aspects of owning property in India.

  • Flexible repayment

    Flexible repayment

    Repay comfortably by selecting a tenor that ranges up to 30 years.

  • PMAY benefits

    PMAY benefits

    Get an interest subsidy of up to Rs. 2.67 lakh under the CLSS component as a PMAY beneficiary.

Home loan up to Rs. 50 lakhs Details

This tailored housing loan from Bajaj Finserv offers a sanction of up to Rs. 50 lakhs, ideal for borrowers looking to purchase a home. It comes with a competitive interest rate and has lengthy repayment terms that go up to 30 years. This helps you keep your EMIs affordable while ensuring the cost of borrowing isn’t high.

Our home loan has many benefits, one of which is that it offers the property dossier, which can be immensely helpful to both first-time home buyers and those with prior experience.

What’s more, it comes with the home loan EMI calculator. This tool is easy to use, offers quick results, and is always accurate. It helps you plan the loan in a more efficient manner. Use it to make crucial financial decisions based on accurate calculations.

Home Loan EMIs for Loans of Rs. 50 Lakh

Here are a few tables to offer insight into the EMIs payable for different conditions.

Condition 1: When the tenor varies for a loan amount of Rs. 50 lakhs availed at an interest rate of 8.70%* p.a.

Rs. 50 Lakh Home Loan EMIs with Varying Tenure

Tenor of the loan

EMI payment (In Rs.)

Total interest payable (In Rs.)

10 years



15 years



20 years



Home Loan EMIs for Rs. 50 Lakh or Less Amount

Condition 2: When the loan amount varies, but the interest rate and tenor are set at 8.70%* p.a. and 20 years, respectively.

Loan details


Rs. 50 lakhs

Rs. 43,708

Rs. 49 lakhs

Rs. 42,834

Rs. 48 lakhs

Rs. 41,960

Rs. 47 lakhs

Rs. 41,086

Rs. 46 lakhs

Rs. 40,211

Rs. 45 lakhs

Rs. 39,337

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Eligibility criteria* for availing home loan up to Rs. 50 lakhs

The eligibility criteria for home loan are crucial to the application process. To ensure you get fast approval, meet these requirements.

  • Nationality



  • Age


    23 years to 62 years for salaried individuals, and 25 years to 70 years for self-employed applicants

  • Employment

    Employment status

    At least 3 years of experience for salaried borrowers, and at least 5 years of business continuity for self-employed individuals

  • CIBIL score

    CIBIL score

    Check your CIBIL Score for FREE

    750 or higher

Interest rates and charges

Check the current home loan interest rates and additional fees and charges on your home loan.

*Conditions apply