Rs. 75 lakh home loan details

Applicants interested in availing a housing loan up to Rs. 75 lakh can read below points to know about the features of the Bajaj Finserv Home Loan.

  • FAST refinancing

    FAST refinancing

    Easily transfer the home loan from your existing lender to Bajaj Housing Finance Limited and avail better terms.

  • Easy repayment

    Easy repayment

    Pick an ideal tenor ranging up to 30 years and to repay comfortably.

  • PMAY benefit

    PMAY benefit

    Get an interest subsidy of up to Rs. 2.67 lakh under the Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme as a PMAY beneficiary.

  • Property dossier

    Property dossier

    Navigate the legal and financial intricacies of buying a home with this comprehensive document.

  • Additional funding

    Additional funding

    Access our ample top-up loan at a nominal interest rate to finance your other priorities conveniently.

Home loan up to Rs. 75 lakh

Home loans are a major financial undertaking, which is why it is important to pick an offering that best suits your needs. Bajaj Finserv offers a home loan up to Rs. 75 lakh to perfectly meet your funding requirements.

It comes with a competitive interest rate and a flexible repayment timeline of up to 40 years. Combined, these features help you find the ideal home loan EMI amount with ease, based on your finances. It also ensures that you stay within budget all through the tenor. To get a better idea of the EMIs payable across different tenors and principal amounts, check out the following tables.

Considering an interest rate of 8.60%, here are the EMI calculations for different repayment timelines.

Loan amount: Rs. 75,00,000



EMI amount

10 years

Rs. 93,391

15 years

Rs. 74,296

20 years

Rs. 65,562

*The table has values that are subject to change.

Here are the EMIs payable for varying loan amounts, with an interest rate of 8.60%.

Instalment details

Tenor of 10 years

Tenor of 15 years

EMI for Rs. 55 lakh home loan

Rs. 68,487

Rs. 54,484

EMI for Rs. 60 lakh home loan

Rs. 74,713

Rs. 59,437

EMI for Rs. 70 lakh home loan

Rs. 87,165

Rs. 69,343

EMI for Rs. 75 lakh home loan

Rs. 93,391

Rs. 74,296

*The table has values that are subject to change.

Eligibility criteria

Take a look at the eligibility criteria you must meet to apply for the loan successfully.

  • Nationality



  • Age


    23 years to 70 years for salaried individuals, 23 years to 70 years for self-employed borrowers

  • Employment

    Employment status

    At least 3 years of experience for salaried applicants, at least 5 years of business continuity for self-employed borrowers

  • CIBIL score

    CIBIL score

    725 or higher

*Please note that the list of eligibility mentioned is indicative. Terms and conditions apply.

Read about the complete fees and charges applicable on the home loan and plan repayment with ease.

*Conditions apply