All about Insta Personal Loan

Get pre-approved offers, pre-assigned limits and immediate processing on loans up to Rs. 12,76,500.
All about Insta Personal Loan
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28 Sep 2022

Insta Personal Loan is the latest addition to our portfolio of offerings. This has been crafted keeping in mind the unique requirement of our customers who may need quick access to funds at any given point in time.

For our existing customers

Our existing customers have access to a range of pre-approved offers. One of those is Insta Personal Loan. Herein, we have pre-approved loan limits already assigned, which our customers can check online using their mobile number.

As an illustration, Shyam has an existing consumer durable loan running with us and wants to check if he has a pre-approved offer for Insta Personal Loan. He can click on ‘Check Offer’, enter his registered mobile number, and the OTP. He will get to see the pre-approved loan limit on the screen. Shyam can now choose to either go ahead and avail of the offer or do this at a later stage.

For new customers

Using our technology infrastructure, we have created a platform wherein anyone with a valid mobile number can generate an Insta Personal Loan offer online.

As an illustration, Radhika is not our customer, yet she wants to get an Insta Personal Loan. She can click on ‘Check Offer’, enter her registered mobile number, and the OTP. She will get to see the pre-assigned loan limit on the screen. She can now choose to go ahead with the application process that takes less than five minutes to avail of the offer. Once Radhika’s application is approved, money will be credited to her bank account within 24 hours. In a few cases, it may take a bit longer than 24 hours.

Here are the additional features of our Insta Personal Loans

Pre-approved/ Pre-assigned limits

Our customers don’t need to go through the entire application process to know how much loan they will get. As explained above, our existing customers enjoy pre-approved limits and even for our non-customers, we have pre-assigned limits. This makes it convenient to decide whether to go through the entire application process or not.

Immediate processing

While creating our processes for Insta Personal Loans, we were inspired by the green - channel experience at international airports and wanted to create something similar for our customers. Since we already have the documents, they had provided at the time of taking the first loan or card form us and the repayment track record, for our existing customers we have used this data to create pre-approved offers with a very simple application process.

Flexible loan tenures

We understand that no two customers have the same requirements. Shyam needs a loan for one year and Radhika wants it for five years. We offer flexible tenures ranging from 6 months to 63 months on our Insta Personal Loan. You can choose the tenure that works best for you as a part of the process.

Here is the link to our Insta Personal Loan page, wherein you can read about the product and also check your offer online.

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