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Platinum ShopDaily SuperCard: Features & benefits

The Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank Platinum ShopDaily SuperCard is a credit card that’s perfectly suited for the everyday shopper. You get benefits on grocery, travel and fuel purchases, making every transaction a seamless experience.

Besides the shopping perks, the credit card also helps you in times of emergency. You can take an advance against your credit limit or withdraw from any ATM and pay no interest for up to 50 days.

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  • Fee waivers

    Spend Rs. 50,000 and get the annual fee of Rs. 499 waived off.

  • Cashback offer

    Get Rs. 1,000 cashback when you spend Rs. 1 lakh in a year.

  • Grocery shopping perks

    Get 5% cashback up to Rs. 250 on grocery purchases every month.

  • Gift vouchers

    Spend Rs. 2,000 in the first month and get a gift voucher worth Rs. 500.

  • Easy EMI facility

    Convert spends above Rs. 3,000 into easy EMIs.

  • Emergency advance

    Borrow a loan on your cash limit for up to 90 days at a low interest rate.

  • Contactless payments

    Tap your card to make fast and hassle-free transactions of up to Rs. 5,000.

  • Hassle-free cash withdrawals

    Withdraw cash at ATMs and pay no interest for up to 50 days.

  • Contactless payments

    Tap your card to make fast and hassle-free transactions of up to Rs. 5,000.

  • Purchase limit

    Use the tap and pay feature to make payments up to Rs. 5,000 at a time

Fee and charges on Platinum ShopDaily SuperCard

Types of fees Charges applicable
Joining fee Rs. 499+GST
Annual fee Rs. 499+GST
Add-on card fees NIL
Foreign currency transaction** 3.5%+GST
Cash payment at branches Rs. 250+GST cash deposit transaction done at RBL branch and Bajaj Finserv branch.
Surcharge on purchase/cancellation of railway tickets IRCTC service charges * + payment gateway. Transaction charge [Up to 1.8%+GST of (ticket amount +IRCTC service charge)].
Fuel transaction charge – for transaction made at petrol pumps to purchase fuel^ 1%+GST surcharge on fuel transaction value or Rs. 10+GST, whichever is higher
Reward redemption fees A reward redemption fee of Rs. 99+GST will be levied on all redemptions made on Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCards. T&C apply
Cash advance transaction fee 2.5% of the amount (min Rs.500+GST) of the cash amount *effective July’20
Overdue interest on extended credit Up to 3.99% +GST per month or 47.88%+GST per annum
Overdue interest on secured credit cards 3.33% per month or 40% per annum
Overdue penalty/late payment 15% of total amount due (Min. Rs. 50, max. Rs. 1,500)
Over-limit penalty Rs. 600+GST
Finance charges (retail purchases and cash) APR up to 3.99%+GST p.m. (up to 47.88%+GST p.a.)
Call-a-draft fee 2.5%+GST (min. Rs. 300+GST) of the draft amount
Card replacement (lost/stolen/reissue/any other replacement) Rs. 200+GST
Duplicate statement fee Rs. 100+GST
Charge slip retrieval/copy fee Rs. 100+GST
Outstation cheque fee Rs. 100+GST
Cheque return/dishonour fee auto debit reversal-bank account out of funds Rs. 500+GST
All the above charges are subject to change under various marketing programs. The card members will be informed about these changes.
^ The surcharge is applicable on minimum fuel transactions of Rs. 500 and maximum of Rs. 4,000. Maximum surcharge waiver is Rs. 100 for Platinum SuperCards, Rs. 200 for WorldPlus SuperCard and Rs. 150 for all other World SuperCards.
* Refer to IRCTC website for details.
** Transactions at merchant establishments that are registered overseas, even if the merchant is located in India, attract a cross border charge.

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For assistance, you can reach us via the RBL helpline at the below number:

022-71190900 (if you are using your mobile phone, prefix your city’s STD code to the number)

You can also e-mail us at:

Platinum ShopDaily SuperCard: Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this credit card known as a SuperCard?

This credit card functions like 4 cards in 1. It can be used as a credit card, loan card, EMI card and debit card.

What makes the SuperCard different?

The SuperCard is different from other credit cards since it allows you to:

  1. Convert purchases into EMIs
  2. Withdraw cash as and when you need it
  3. Avail discounts and reward points benefits throughout the year
  4. Take an emergency loan

Are cash withdrawals on the SuperCard expensive?

Besides a flat 2.5% processing fee, you don’t have to pay any interest for up to 50 days when you withdraw money from ATM.

In a regular credit card, the credit limit can be used for merchant transactions. How is SuperCard different?

The SuperCard credit limit can be used to get an emergency loan for up to 3 months, once a year.

How safe is my SuperCard from online fraud?

SuperCard has the ‘InControl’ security feature, which allows you to remotely control card usage through the app.

What exclusive offers will I get with a SuperCard?

You will get a host of exclusive offers like gift vouchers worth Rs. 500, 5% cashback on grocery purchases and spend-based bonuses. Apart from these, there are many partner-specific offers and discounts.

What do I do if I have other queries?

Simply call us at 022 7119 0900 or e-mail us at

What is the joining fee for this card?

The joining fee for Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank ShopDaily SuperCard is ₹499. however, the annual fee for 2nd year is ₹499 waived off on an annual spends ₹50,000.

How can you earn welcome e-voucher?

Welcome voucher of ₹500 will only be credited on payment of Joining fee and on crossing spends of Rs. 2,000 within 30 days of card issuance.

What is SuperCard?

SuperCard is a cobrand credit card in association with RBL Bank Ltd. The card is known as SuperCard because of the super features available in it. This is one-of-its-kind card in the industry which not only takes care of your daily/monthly credit needs, but also helps you in emergency cash requirements, exclusive Bajaj Finserv partner store benefits discounts/cashbacks on various categories, rewards on every transaction and many other offerings.

How is SuperCard different from any other credit card in the industry?

SuperCard not only comes with the regular features offered by credit cards but also offers features like:
– Low-cost advance on cash limit at 1 .16% per month with no processing fee
– Cash withdrawal at 0% interest up to 50 days
– Superior rewards program
– Best security features through ‘InHand’ security
– Instant approval/rejection on application form

How can you use SuperCard reward points?

Reward points on your supercard can be earned in 3 ways- welcome rewards (only on paid card variants), spend based rewards and milestone rewards. You can redeem these reward points at or use these at any Bajaj Finserv partner store across India for down payment of No cost EMI’s on a wide range of electronics, consumer durables etc.

How can you use low cost emergency advance?

Low cost emergency advance can be used against cash limit provided within your credit limit. you can avail this short loan on 3 easy EMI’s with no processing fee and nominal interest of 1.16% p.m. you can apply for this through RBL MyCard app or SMS “CASH” to 5607011 or call 022 71190900.

Is there any interest rate on cash withdrawal from SuperCard?

In times of an emergency, other bank credit cards offer cash withdrawals with a lot of fee and interest. Cash withdrawal from SuperCard can be done within the cash limit of the card limit and this is interest-free for upto 50 Days with nominal processing fee of 2.5%. However, its always preferred to repay on time to avoid interest charges.

How can you activate your card?

You can now activate your card and not wait for a physical card to start shopping. Simply download Bajaj Finserv wallet app (Link) sign up using your details, on homepage click on SuperCard icon and enter required details shared during your card application. set a 6-Digit mPin and view your digital SuperCard. Go to settings option ,enable online transactions and start using it for online transactions.

How can you convert shopping spends to Easy EMI’s?

You can convert shopping spends exceeding Rs. 2,500 to easy EMI through RBL MyCard App or simply write to The EMI’s tenure is flexible as per your need with a nominal processing fee.

How can you use SuperCard for contactless payment at stores ?

Tap this card to make fast & convenient payments at retail outlets. With contactless payments enabled, your Card never has to leave your hand. Make payments of up to Rs. 5000* at a time using the tap & pay feature.

With increasing number of cybercrimes, how safe is my SuperCard from online fraud?

SuperCard comes with a feature called ‘InControl’, where the security of your SuperCard will be in your control. You can control the use of your card through the RBL MyCard App too. Your Bajaj finserv cobrand credit card is secure than ever which gives you the power to switch on/off your card in seconds. Unable or disable domestic, international, online or offline transactions.

Do you need any help regarding your supercard?

If you have any other query, call us at 022 71190900 or e-mail us at and we’ll be glad to assist you.

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