Features of Bajaj Finserv DBS Bank 7X Plus Rewards credit card

  • Welcome bonus

    Welcome bonus

    Get 8,000 cash points as a welcome bonus on the purchase of the credit card

  • Monthly milestone benefits

    Monthly milestone benefits

    Earn 7X cash points on minimum spends of Rs. 15,000 per month

  • Discount on subscriptions

    Discount on subscriptions

    Get a 20% discount of up to 4,000 cash points in a year by subscribing to platforms like Hotstar, Gaana.com, Zomato Pro, SonyLiv and many more through our app

  • Health benefits

    Health benefits

    Enjoy a complimentary Bajaj Finserv Health membership covering all your health and well-being requirements

  • Accelerated cash points

    Accelerated cash points

    Earn 15X cash points on hotel and travel bookings made on the Bajaj Finserv and DBS Card+ app

  • Airport lounge benefits

    Airport lounge benefits

    Get complimentary access to domestic lounges twice every quarter

  • Earn cash points

    Earn cash points

    Earn 2 cash points on every Rs. 200 spent on regular purchases

  • Fuel surcharge waiver

    Fuel surcharge waiver

    Get a waiver of up to Rs. 150 per month on fuel surcharge spends

  • Easy EMI conversion

    Easy EMI conversion

    Convert spends of Rs. 2,500 and above into affordable EMIs

  • Interest-free cash withdrawal

    Interest-free cash withdrawal

    Withdraw interest-free cash from any ATM for up to 50 days

  • Savings on Bajaj Finserv EMI Network

    Savings on Bajaj Finserv EMI Network

    Get 5% cashback on down payments made at any Bajaj Finserv EMI Network partner store

  • Contactless payment

    Contactless payment

    Enjoy hassle-free payments using our tap and pay facility

We value your money!


Value earned (in Rs.)

Welcome bonus of 8,000 cash points (First year only)


7X cash points on total spends in a month, if spends for the month is > Rs. 15,000 (assuming spends of Rs. 25,000)


15X cash points on in-app spending on travel and holiday bookings (assuming annual spends of Rs. 1,20,000)


20% discount in the form of cash points on online subscriptions purchased through our app


Complimentary Bajaj Health membership


5% cashback on down payment of purchases made at Bajaj Finserv EMI Network stores


Fuel surcharge waiver


Domestic lounge access at airport - 2 per quarter


Total value earned

Rs. 28,000 plus

Cash point redemption value can be up to 25 paise. We have assumed a redemption value of 25 paise per cash point for the above calculation on our rewards portal.

Click here to know more about our Terms and Conditions.

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Eligibility criteria

  • Nationality



  • Age


    21 to 70 years

  • Employment


    Must have a regular source of income

  • Credit score

    Credit score

    750 or higher

Fees and charges

Type of fee

Fees (in Rs.)

Joining fee

Rs. 1,999 + GST

Renewal fee

Rs. 1,999 + GST

Reward redemption fee

Rs. 99 + GST per redemption

Cash advance fee

2.5% of the cash amount (minimum Rs. 500)

Late payment fee

15% of the total amount due (minimum Rs. 50 and maximum Rs. 1,500)

Over limit fee

Rs. 600 + GST

Finance charges

Up to 4% per month or 48% per annum

EMI conversion processing fee

2% of the conversion amount. (minimum Rs. 249 and a maximum of Rs. 1,500)

Click here to read about the credit card fees and charges in detail.

How to apply for a Bajaj Finserv DBS Bank credit card online?

Applying for this credit card is quick and easy. To obtain your credit card, apply online in a few simple steps.

  1. 1 Click here and enter your mobile number
  2. 2 Submit the OTP you’ve received and check if you have a Bajaj Finserv DBS Bank credit card offer
  3. 3 If you have an offer, fill the application form
  4. 4 Complete the KYC process
  5. 5 Your card is ready to be used

Bajaj Finserv DBS 7X Plus Rewards credit card FAQs

How is a 7X Plus card different from a 7X card?

A ‘plus’ in all aspects, the Bajaj Finserv DBS Bank 7X Plus Rewards credit card, is different from the 7X credit card in terms of extra welcome rewards, extra return on subscriptions, and access to more domestic airport lounges every quarter.

What welcome rewards are available on my 7X Plus card?

As a Bajaj Finserv DBS Bank 7X Plus Rewards credit cardholder, you receive 8,000 bonus cash points as a welcome gift. The cash points will be credited to your account after you have paid the joining fees and made a transaction within the first 60 days of card delivery.

What is the joining fee on Bajaj Finserv DBS Bank 7X Plus Rewards credit card?

The joining fee on Bajaj Finserv DBS Bank 7X Plus Rewards credit card is Rs. 1,999 (exclusive of GST).

Is there any annual fee associated with this card?

Yes, an annual fee of Rs. 1,999 (exclusive of GST), also called the renewal fee is applicable on the Bajaj Finserv DBS Bank 7X Plus Rewards credit card.

What is unique about this card?

This is a credit card with features and benefits aligned to meet your lifestyle. What truly distinguishes the Bajaj Finserv DBS Bank 7X Plus Rewards credit card from other credit cards is its wide variety of rewards, in the form of cash points, on all your spends.

Along with rewarding you 2 cash points on every Rs. 200 spent on retail transactions, the 7X Plus Rewards card also rewards you with:

  • 7X regular cash points on all monthly spends (on crossing spends worth Rs. 15,000 in that month)
  • Accelerated rewards where you can earn 15X cash points on all transactions (like bill payments, insurance, hotel and holiday bookings, standing instructions) made through Bajaj Finserv or DBS Bank apps 
Apart from earning cash points, what other privileges are available on my card?

Along with earning attractive cash points, your Bajaj Finserv DBS Bank 7X Plus Rewards credit card offers:

  • Up to 3,000 cash points on subscriptions
  • Fuel surcharge waiver of up to Rs. 150 in a month
  • 2 domestic airport lounge access per quarter
  • 5% cashback on down payment of easy EMI finance at Bajaj Finserv Network stores and EMI Marketplace

Applicable only when the subscription payments are made via our rewards portal. 

How many times can I access the airport lounge?

You qualify for complimentary domestic lounge access twice every quarter on your Bajaj Finserv DBS 7X Plus Rewards credit card.

What are the subscription benefits of this card?

You earn cash points equivalent to 20% of your online subscription fee by paying for your desired subscription via our rewards portal. This is applicable for platforms such as Zomato Pro, Hotstar and Gaana.com. For example, if you take a subscription worth Rs. 2,000, you will get 20% of the subscription amount as cash points, in this case, 1,600 points.

Please note: Maximum limit up to which cash points can be earned on the Bajaj Finserv DBS Bank 7X Plus Rewards credit card via subscription benefits is 4,000 in a year. 

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