Asset Secure Plan starting at Rs. 950

CPP Group India - Asset Secure plan with membership fee starting at Rs. 950

Key features and benefits

  • Extended warranty benefit

    Extended warranty benefit

    Get extended warranty of 12, 24 and 36 months for your appliances after the manufacturer's warranty expires. Covers the repair and replacement costs.

  • Annual membership fees start at Rs. 950

    Annual membership fees start at Rs. 950

    The membership fee depends on the appliance model, while the sum insured depends on the invoice value of the appliance.

  • 400+ services centres

    400+ services centres

    Repair your appliances at any of the network service centres of the partner to get the benefit of the plan. The service provider has 400+ network services across India.

  • Multi-lingual assistance helpline

    You can call on 1860-258-3030 between Monday and Sunday from 11 am to 9 pm to get plan-related assistance in multiple Indian languages.

  • Free preventive maintenance service

    Free preventive maintenance service

    Get a one-time free maintenance service for your appliance covered under the plan. This includes cleaning and functional checks.

  • Single-call card blocking facility

    Single-call card blocking facility

    This feature enables you to block all your lost credit or ATM cards with a single call. The 24-hour toll-free helpline number is 1800-419-4000.

  • WardWiz internet security

    WardWiz internet security

    This plan offers internet security for your laptop and other mobile devices. Secures against malware, hackers, identity thefts, and harmful websites.

  • Free ZEE5 annual subscription

    Free ZEE5 annual subscription

    Get a 12-month all-access ZEE5 subscription with this plan.

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Eligibility criteria and documents required

You need to fulfil the following criteria to buy the Asset Secure plan. If you meet all the eligibility criteria, we will need a few details to complete your application process.

Eligibility criteria

  • Nationality: Indian
  • Age: 18+ years
  • Buy the plan within 15 days of new appliance purchase
  • The manufacturer's warranty should have expired at the time of purchase

Documents required

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Invoice value of asset

Step-by-step guide to buy this plan

  • light blue

    Step 1

    Click on ‘Get Quote’ to open our online application form.

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    Step 2

    Choose your asset from the drop-down and enter your asset’s invoice amount, your full name, and mobile number. Check the terms and conditions and click on the ‘Get Plans’ button.

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    Step 3

    A list of plans/plan will appear based on your invoice amount and asset category. Select CPP Asset Secure plan by clicking ‘Buy Now’.

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    Step 4

    Enter your personal details. Provide name, date of birth, email ID, residential address, and PIN code. Proceed by clicking the ‘Next’ button.

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    Step 5

    Enter the asset details such as the manufacturer name and warranty. Also, model name, asset serial number, invoice number and date. Click the ‘Review Details’ button to proceed.

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    Step 6

    Review the filled details carefully and purchase the plan. Make the payment through any of the preferred online payment modes available.

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Plan details

Here’s a quick look at the plan details of CPP Asset Secure plan.

Plan details Description
Coverage details Covers repair and replacement costs of appliances for extended period after manufacturer’s warranty expires.
Membership fee including GST (in Rs.) Starting from 950
Warranty term 12, 24 or 36 months from the date of subscription
Transferability Non-transferable
Validity Valid if purchased the plan within 15 days of buying a new appliance
Assets covered Covers LED TV, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, home theatre, and microwave ovens. Also, handy cams, vacuum cleaners, kitchen appliances, water purifiers. Get coverage for furniture and fixtures, fitness equipment and more.

Key inclusions and exclusions

Here’s a quick look at the key inclusions and exclusions under the CPP Asset Secure plan:

  • Key inclusions
  • Key exclusions
Key inclusions Description
Free preventive maintenance service One-time free service including cleaning and active checking
Extended warranty For 12, 24 or 36 months
Multi-lingual assistance Call on 1860-258-3030 between Monday and Sunday from 11 am to 9 pm to get plan-related assistance in multiple Indian languages
Wardwiz internet security Get internet security for your laptop and other mobile devices for protection against malware, hackers, identity thefts, and harmful websites
Zee5 subscription Get a 12-month all-access subscription of ZEE5
Key exclusions Description
Recalled parts Failure of parts subject to recall by the manufacturer
Overloading Loss or damage due to strain, over-running, short-circuiting, etc.
Regular use Loss or damage arising out of normal wear and tear
Miscellaneous In case of change of ownership of the appliance

How to claim

For availing of claim benefits against your CPP Asset Secure plan, follow these three steps below.

  • Contact CPP

    Contact CPP

    Call the helpline number 1860-258-3030 to intimate your claim. You must contact CPP within 7 days of the breakdown.

  • Schedule a visit from service partner

    Schedule a visit from service partner

    CPP will generate a claim number and schedule a visit from the authorised service partner for inspecting the damaged appliance.

  • Submit the required documents

    Submit the required documents

    You need to submit the required documents to CPP for processing the claim.

After the inspection, you will know the estimated repair time.
In case of a total loss of the appliance, service provider will get an intimation and will settle the claim accordingly.

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Documents needed to process a claim

Submit the following documents to CPP for processing the claim request.

  • Manufacturer’s invoice and payment receipts
  • Replacement or repair summary
  • All supporting documents of the product
  • All receipts corresponding to the purchase
  • Self-attested copies of ID proof
  • For cashless claims, photo ID and appliance photo
  • Bank details

Frequently asked questions

How is the CPP Asset Secure plan beneficial?

CPP Asset Secure plan offers extended warranty benefits for your appliances after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. You can choose from any of the warranty terms of 12 months, 24 months, or 36 months. The plan also offers preventive maintenance services, WardWiz internet security, and ZEE5 all-access annual subscription.

How do I claim the benefits of the CPP Asset Secure plan?

Contact the service provider to raise a claim request within 7 days of the breakdown. Call the helpline number 1860-258-3030 to intimate your claim. You will have to submit documents such as the replacement/repair summary, manufacturer’s invoice, and purchase receipts. Also, provide self-attested copies of your ID proof.

What is a CPP Asset Secure membership?

With CPP Asset Secure membership, you get an extended warranty of 12, 24, or 36 months for your appliance. The service provider will cover the repair or replacement costs of damages caused the appliances during specified period. The extended warranty gets activated after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. You also get internet security for laptops and mobile devices. Additionally, you get ZEE5 subscription, multi-lingual assistance, and a single-call card-blocking facility.

What are the customer care details for CPP Asset Secure plan?

You can call on 1800-419-4000 or write an email at

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