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Lump sum pay out benefit

Get an assured lump sum amount on policy maturity or in case of the policyholder's death to help you or your family stay financially secure.

Life cover with riders

These policies give you sufficient life cover and additional coverage options to enhance your policies and avail of more benefits.

Retirement savings

Investing in investment plans help you compound your earnings and keep you financially secure in your retirement age.

Education funds for children

Create a significant fund to secure your child's future with the help of Child Plans.

Tax Benefit

Get the advantage of tax benefits for both your investment as well as your returns as per prevalent income tax norms.

Flexibility and liquidity

Get the flexibility of multiple modes of premium payment, switching between invested funds (for ULIP plans), partial withdrawal of funds, and liquidity in the form of loans against the policy.


Riders are the additional benefits that can be purchased with the insurance policy. If opted, the riders can enhance the coverage and provide you with comprehensive protection.

Savings and Investment

Your financial decisions have a long-standing impact on your life and life goals as well as that of your loved ones. So, it’s essential to take appropriate decisions well in time. Apart from handling your regular expenses, you also need to save to achieve your life goals and aspirations With timely and long term investment plans.

Bajaj Finance in association with some of the leading private life insurers of India brings to you life insurance plans including whole life plans that help you save for a comparatively longer-term for your future goals. These plans are designed for those who aim to lead a good life and make sure that their dreams for their families are secure.

So, get started now and choose a plan that’s just right for you and your loved ones and make the life you’ve dreamt of come to reality. And, get the benefit to choose from different modes of premium payment like single, annual, half-yearly, etc.

Why buy insurance through Bajaj Finance Limited (BFL)?

At Bajaj Finance Limited (BFL), we offer you plans that aid savings and investments to fulfil multiple life goals. We partner with some of the leading life insurance providers in the country and select plans that are well suited to our customer base. The investment plans we choose are a great mix of security through insurance and wealth creation through planned savings & regular systematic investments, giving you the best of both worlds.

How Insurance Plans Are Good for Savings and Investment?

Insurance plans allow you to save and invest in line with your key long term milestones in life. With these plans, you can have good control over your savings and expenditure and balance your dreams with your present. The plans also give you the double advantage of savings and life cover. Basis your appetite for risks, you can choose from multiple plan types; so choose a ULIP or Participating plan if you are good to take on risks and if you have a more conventional approach, you could pick from Guaranteed or Non participating plans.

Not just that tax benefit can be availed (if any) on premium paid, subject to applicable tax laws..

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