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Whether it is your everyday expenses or once-in-a-while luxury purchase, keep your debit or cash transactions at bay, and pay using Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank Supercard.

Using SuperCard is the easiest and the most rewarding way to pay for your transactions. SuperCard is a one-of-its-kind credit card in the industry that comes packed with great features. Be it cash withdrawal, converting your credit limit into a loan, EMI finance options, low annual fee, or the best discount/ cashback and rewards- you can get it all with just one card – SuperCard.

Features & Benefits

As the name suggests, SuperCard is a credit card with super features. Here’s what makes it the most powerful credit card in the market:

  • Cash Withdrawal

    Easily withdraw cash from ATM for up to 50 days at absolutely no interest and a flat 2.5% processing fee.

  • Emergency Loan

    Convert your credit limit into a Personal Loan and get instant cash for up to 90 days. You can use this feature once a year and repay easily in 3 EMIs.

  • Easy EMI Options

    Convert your credit limit into a Personal Loan and get instant cash for up to 90 days. You can use this feature once a year and repay easily in 3 EMIs.

  • Safe and Secure

    SuperCard is fully-secured with features like ‘In-Hand’ security and ‘Zero-fraud liability cover’. You can also use the SuperCard mobile app to manage your account.

  • Instant approval

    Get an instant approval for your SuperCard online.

  • fees&charges

    Affordable Fees and Charges

    Pay minimal joining and annual fees to enjoy great benefits of SuperCard.

  • Airport Lounge Access

    Get complimentary airport lounge access 8 times in a year, along with unlimited paid access.

  • Surcharge Waiver

    Waive off the fuel surcharge across all pumps up to Rs.200 per month.

  • Milestone bonus

    The best-in-class reward point system gives you exciting reward points on achieving each milestone

How to Use a Credit Card?

Credit cards work like an interest-free loan if you repay on time. Here’s how you can use a credit card and make the most of it:

1. Compare: There are multiple credit cards available today. Look for the one which offers great benefits and suits your needs.

2. Apply: If you are above 18 years and meet certain income parameters, you can apply for a credit card online.

3. Use: Once your credit card arrives and gets activated, swipe it or use it online for any transactions you make.

4. Enjoy: Enjoy the grace period between your purchase and the actual payment date. The cycle for credit card payments can range between 30 to 90 days.

5. Earn: Get rewarded for using your credit card. Earn points, cashbacks, discounts, rewards for each transaction you make.

6. Get: With a card like SuperCard, get an interest-free Personal Loan of up to 90 days.

7. Repay: Receive your monthly statement with a list of transactions. Pay the due credit amount on or before the payment date to avoid any late fees or penalty charges.

8. Convert: You can also convert your big purchases into EMIs and repay over a period of time.

9. Repeat: Make fresh purchases each month, get rewarded, and repay when due.

That’s all! Using a credit card is that simple. Just keep a track of your spending and spend what you can repay.

Choosing the Right Credit Card:

Credit cards are not new anymore and they are being used more than ever before. But, look out for a few things to choose the right kind of credit card for yourself:

1: Check accessibility:
The credit card should be accessible to you. Check the eligibility and required documents to apply for a credit card.

2: Check the features:
Every credit card functions the same way, but choose a card with additional features like extended interest-free period, ease of repayments, security of the credit card, and online application

3: Check the incentives:
Incentives can be discounts, cashbacks, rewards, loyalty points or any special privileges. Watch out which incentives are actually relevant to you and your needs.

4: Fees and Charges:
The incentives and other benefits shouldn’t be at the cost of high annual fees and charges. Look for a credit card with affordable annual fees.

5: Highlight of the card:
Each credit card will have at least one highlight feature, like the SuperCard gives you interest-free instant loan and cash withdrawal facility. Look out for such features to save more.

6: Credit limit:
What are your average monthly spending and your monthly income? Choose a credit card, which gives you a higher credit limit and flexibility.

7: Application procedure:
Choose the credit card which has the minimum processing time and easy application process.

8: CIBIL score:
It is a myth that credit cards can ruin your credit score. If you repay on time, credit cards can have a positive impact on your CIBIL score.

Understand your needs and list your options. It would be easier to shortlist the right credit card if you know what exactly you need.


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