How is your Insta EMI Card limit decided

Factors include credit score, regular income, repayment history, and more.
Insta EMI Card
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01 April 2024

With the use of Insta EMI Cards, you can make purchases on EMIs (Equated Monthly Instalments) without using a credit card. The credit limit that an Insta EMI Card offers is one important features. We'll go over all the details of how your Insta EMI Card limit is determined in this article.

Factors Affecting the EMI Card Limit

To assess your eligibility and the potential limit for the Insta EMI Card, you will need to provide some personal information:

  1. Age: The Insta EMI Card is issued to existing customers aged between 21 years and 65 years.
  2. Regular source of income: Your card limit is influenced by your regular income. Higher income generally results in a higher Insta EMI Card limit. However, if you already have multiple existing loans, it might affect the limit until one of the loans is paid off.
  3. City: Your city of residence can impact the Insta EMI Card limit. Generally, larger cities with higher income levels may be eligible for a higher limit compared to smaller towns.
  4. Credit score: Your credit score is of utmost importance. It is maintained by credit bureaus such as TransUnion CIBIL and Experian, who track your loan and credit card history, including repayment behaviour. A higher credit score enhances the chances of approval and a higher sanctioned limit. We typically set a CIBIL Score threshold of 720 or higher for applicants to ensure offering higher loan amounts.
  5. Repayment history: Timely EMI payments positively impact your credit score and indicate good financial management. Consistent on-time payments improve your credit score while missing payments can lower it. Remember, ‘EMI on time, every time’.

To find out your eligibility and check your credit score, we offer helpful tools on our website. You can also find information about the minimum salary requirement for your city.


In conclusion, a number of factors, such as your credit score, a consistent source of income, your age, and others, affect the amount you can spend with an Insta EMI Card. You can increase your EMI Card limit by being aware of these factors and working to improve them. This will provide you more financial freedom to make purchases and the ability to take advantage of No Cost EMI plans.  Always keep in mind that having a greater limit means having to manage it carefully.

By understanding these factors and maintaining a good credit score, you increase your chances of getting a higher Insta EMI Card limit.


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