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What is domiciliary hospitalisation?

Domiciliary hospitalisation is a benefit offered by health insurance policies wherein the policyholder can get hospital-like care and treatment at home. Typically, this treatment method is adopted in severe injuries or illness, lack of accommodation/beds in hospitals, and other such reasons.

A comprehensive insurance policy can help deal with this kind of treatment expenses. Among various benefits covered under such health insurance policies, domiciliary hospitalisation is one of them.

To understand the importance of domiciliary hospitalisation, let’s look at the inclusions and exclusions under this special treatment method.

Domiciliary hospitalisation: What it covers and excludes?

Domiciliary hospitalisation is recommended when policyholders can’t be moved to a hospital because of a critical condition or an unavailable hospital room. The insured is treated at home if the hospital room is unavailable. As per the doctor’s suggestion, the concerned insurer will compensate for the incurred medical expenses during the policy term.

Suppose an individual owns a health insurance policy. In that case, they will clear the medical expenses up to a certain limit, and all health emergencies can be managed without financial stress. Moreover, apart from knowing what domiciliary hospitalisation is, individuals also need to know about the inclusions and exclusions of these medical insurance policies.

The claim for domiciliary hospitalisation is accepted under certain conditions, and they are:

• Medical expenses for pre-and post-hospitalisation treatment
• Any treatment that continues for less than 72 hours or three days
• Domiciliary treatment of diseases like epilepsy, chronic nephritis, asthma, hypertension, bronchitis, cold and cough, arthritis, gout, etc., is not covered under this policy
• Certain insurance providers financially cover specific domiciliary expenses associated with allopathic treatment. However, any homeopathic or Ayurveda treatment received at home is not covered under the insurance policy

Importance of domiciliary hospitalisation cover in health insurance

Domiciliary hospitalisation holds significant importance in many policyholders’ lives. This benefit allows them to avail themselves of treatment at home if they cannot reach a hospital or find accommodation in a hospital for a specific treatment. This benefit saves the insured’s family members from visiting hospitals frequently. Besides, timely home-based treatment will prevent further health deterioration.

Things to keep in mind about domiciliary hospitalisation cover

Here are the essential things to know about domiciliary hospitalisation cover:

• Every insurance provider does not extend this type of hospitalisation cover.

• Since it is a default cover, policyholders usually have to pay an additional amount depending on the condition of the cover.

• Some insurance policies cover domiciliary hospitalisation up to a certain sum insured, and others come with strict financial coverage.

• There are specific criteria for treatment received at home and may not be financially covered under the policy.

• To get the claim processed, individuals must prove that they cannot get admitted to the hospital and have no choice but to accept domiciliary hospitalisation. However, note that one’s expenses would only be paid if the insurer is convinced with their reason.

• Like all health insurance policies, there is a certain waiting period criteria for domiciliary hospitalisation and the illness for which this cover is taken. In this waiting period, no claim for domiciliary hospitalisation will be processed.

• It is crucial to provide essential information when making a domiciliary claim.

Bajaj Finance Limited offers health insurance policies that cover domiciliary hospitalisation

Illnesses or injuries can’t be anticipated. Therefore, individuals can only remain cautious and financially prepared. It would be best to choose the right health insurance policy to safeguard yourself and your family members against the financial consequences of sudden health-related issues. With the availability of health insurance plans offered by Bajaj Finance Limited, you can easily access and select the one that is the most feasible option for you.

You can choose from a wide range of medical insurance plans offered by Bajaj Finance Limited, such as family floater insurance plan, group health insurance policy, senior citizen insurance policy, critical illness insurance plan, etc. These insurance policies extend substantial limits and include miscellaneous expenses and medical requirements. Moreover, they come with affordable premiums that will help to keep your savings intact.

Therefore, if someone’s medical condition prevents them from getting admitted to the hospital, they can choose the facility of domiciliary hospitalisation where they will receive similar medical treatment at their home. However, before selecting any insurance policy, individuals must carefully assess their health condition and insurance requirements to ensure a hassle-free treatment.

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