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An ancient seaport, Kollam is located on the Malabar Coast in Kerala. A prominent trade hub, Kollam houses the administrative headquarter of its namesake district.

Bajaj Finserv brings feature-rich personal loans in Kollam for salaried employees. To get the best features and benefits, visit our branch or apply online for instant approval.

Features and benefits of personal loan in Kollam

  • Money in bank in %$$PL-Disbursal$$%

    Money in bank in 24 hours

    Receive the approved loan amount in your account within 24 hours*.

  • No collateral needed

    No collateral needed

    You need not pledge any asset as collateral against the loan. Simply meet the personal loan eligibility criteria.

  • Loan up to %$$PL-Loan-Amount$$%

    Loan up to Rs. 35 lakh

    Avail of high-value loans of up to Rs. 35 lakh.

  • Transparent policy

    Transparent policy

    We impose no hidden charges and have transparent terms and conditions.

  • Minimal documents

    Minimal documents

    Provide only a few basic documents required for a personal loan in Kollam.

  • Tenor up to %$$PL-Tenor-Max-Months$$%

    Tenor up to 84 months

    Repay the loan in small EMIs over your preferred tenor of up to 84 months.

  • Pre-approved offers

    Pre-approved offers

    Existing customers can look for pre-approved offers on personal loans for a faster approval process.

  • Quick loan approval

    Quick loan approval

    Enjoy instant approval by applying through an online form and fulfilling all the criteria.
  • Online account management

    Online account management

    Manage the loan account 24x7 and make payments conveniently through our online account management facility – Experia.

  • Flexi loans

    Flexi loans

    Benefit from added repayment flexibility and reduce your EMIs by up to 45%*.

Situated about 70 km from Kerala’s capital of Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam was a flourishing trade hub in ancient India and even found mention in the accounts of several foreign travellers, including the medieval scholar Ibn Battuta.

Kollam continues to be an important port city and is one of the largest cashew exporters in India. Its marine industry is another important economic driver.

The city has grown rapidly in recent years, and with the rising cost of living, a Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan can help you meet your growing financial needs. Whether for home improvement, higher education, debt consolidation, or to fund a wedding, choose Bajaj Finserv for an affordable personal loan in Kollam. There is no need to worry about risks as no collateral or guarantor is required against the credit.

*Conditions apply

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Eligibility criteria for personal loan in Kollam

The personal loan is collateral-free and is approved based on the following simple eligibility criteria.

  • Nationality


    Indian, resident of India

  • Employment


    Must be a salaried employee at a reputed MNC or a private/ public limited company

  • Credit score

    Credit score

    Above 750

  • Age


    Between 21 years to 67 years*

  • Income


    Refer to our city list for minimum salary requirements

Keep your financial liabilities low and clear existing debt, if any, before applying for new credit to boost chances of approval. Use the online Bajaj Finserv Eligibility Calculator to find out the maximum loan amount you can apply for.

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Interest rates and charges for personal loan in Kollam

Read about the personal loan interest rates as well as the fees and charges associated with your loan.

Frequently asked questions

How do I find out the total cost of the loan?

Finding out the total cost of the loan is simple. Go to the online Bajaj Finserv EMI Calculator and enter the loan amount you want, the applicable interest rate and your chosen tenor. The online tool instantly displays the payable EMIs and the total payable interest and cost of the loan.

How to pay the EMI every month?

You can pay your personal loan EMIs by NACH mandate or by visiting our customer portal – Experia. There is no need to visit any branch to clear your dues.

What is the processing fee?

Bajaj Finserv imposes a processing fee of 3.93% on the loan amount.

Who can apply for a personal loan in Kollam?

Salaried individuals having a minimum salary of Rs. 22,000 can apply for a personal loan. However, they must also fulfil other eligibility criteria to get approval on their personal loan (see ‘Eligibility criteria for personal loan in Kollam’ above).

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