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25 May 2021

Every moment counts when you have to address an urgent need for money to pay for medical treatment. To deal with the time crunch, take a personal loan for a medical emergency. Since quick processing and disbursal is your top priority while looking for external finance, this personal loan is your best bet. The Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan for medical emergencies offers super quick approval and disbursal, ensuring that you can attend to your medical needs without any delay. You can also check out the pre-approved personal loan offer by Bajaj Finserv to help you save time and get instant access to funds.

Eligibility calculator helps you save time

Rather than spending your time understanding jargon and various terms, you can use an online Personal Loan Eligibility Calculator to calculate your eligibility in under a minute. By eliminating the risk of rejection based on eligibility, you can save more time.

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Fast and easy online application procedure

You can apply by filling a short online application form to access a medical emergency loan no matter where you are. In mere minutes you can submit your request for funds.

Get approval in 5 minutes so that you can plan your next steps

When faced with a medical emergency, you’re sure to have a lot on your plate. The last thing you need is to wait endlessly to get approval for your emergency loan or follow up with the lender incessantly. Bajaj Finserv eliminates this wait by giving you approval within 5 minutes of submitting your form.

Requires minimal documentation so you can further speed up the process

Medical emergencies come with their paperwork requirements. While you attend to forms and bills, you don’t need to worry about gathering extensive documents for your loan. Choose the Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan for a medical emergency for its minimal documentation procedure, wherein you only have to submit KYC documents, employee ID card, salary slips of the past 2 months, and bank statements of your salary account for the past 3 months.

Document pick-up service simplifies the process

You can also save time when it comes to submitting documents. You don’t need to squeeze in a trip to the branch while on your way to the hospital. When you choose an online personal loan from Bajaj Finserv, a representative will contact you and help you save time by picking up the documents from you.

Money disbursed directly in your account in 24 hours

Disbursal of funds within 24 hours of document verification ensures that you have the money you need when you need it. As a result, you can pay medical bills on time and ensure that treatment doesn’t suffer. As the emergency loan is disbursed directly into your bank account, you can easily withdraw the money from your nearest ATM.

This emergency loan is a great way to tackle a shortage of funds during a medical emergency.

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