Bajaj Finserv SMS Service

Bajaj Finserv SMS Service serves as a hassle-free means of accessing one’s financial details without any significant delay. The said SMS service allows users to access information regarding the following:

  • Loan details
  • EMI details
  • Fixed Deposit details


Send an SMS to 9227564444 to receive information and other important details. However, to access account information, you must use a mobile number that is registered with your account. You must note that users have to insert unique codes to prompt specific actions or to seek particular details. Additionally, you should note that charges will be applied for accessing Bajaj Finserv SMS support to access account details.

Steps to send a SMS to Bajaj Finserv

The steps to send a text to avail Bajaj Finserv SMS support are simple. Take a look:

Step 1: Check the accurate code for prompting specific query or resolution
Step 2: Compose an SMS in the accurate format by entering the accurate input message
Step 3: Send the SMS to 9227564444

Once these steps are covered, you will gain access to crucial details related to balance enquiry, self-transfer of funds, and tracking payment via cheque.

You can also raise a request for a new cheque book and acquire a mini statement summarising the last 10 transactions through the Bajaj Finance SMS Service.

However, make sure to register your mobile number with the financial institution and get it linked to your account to access details readily. Note that the service may attract nominal charges as imposed by the telecom department.

Bajaj Finserv SMS Service keyword list

Keywords Information
HELP To know your latest loan details
FD To get details of your Fixed Deposit account
EXPERIA To know your Experia login details
PIN To know your 4 digit EMI Network Card PIN number
UPDEMAIL < new email id > To update your email address. Example: UPDEMAIL ankxxxvarXXX@gmail.com
EMICARD To know your EMI Network Card details
VAN To know your Flexi Virtual Account Number
NDC To get No Dues Certificate on loan closure
BRANCH < PIN CODE > To know your nearest branch. Example: BRANCH 4XX 0XX

Benefits of Bajaj Finserv SMS Service

The top benefits of Bajaj Finance SMS Service include:

  • Checking account details at any time and from anywhere. This means you can check your account balance, outstanding due, repayment status, etc., easily via an SMS.
  • Receiving a mini statement summarising the last 10 transactions that were carried out through your credit or debit card. This will help you gain a complete picture of your financial standing and help track major spending more accurately
  • Enquire cheque status. It proves useful in tracking cheque processing and allows you to stop the payment process
  • Raising a request to get a new cheque book through an SMS


In addition to these, the safety of your account is maintained by sending regular OTPs to the registered mobile number to authorise transactions that are carried out online.

To avail of benefits from Bajaj SMS support, get your mobile number registered with our financial institution and access required details in no time. If you have more than one active account with us, you will access account information of the last active account held with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to send messages to Bajaj Finserv?

You can reach out to Bajaj Finserv SMS support by sending a text message to 9227564444. However, the SMS must comprise accurate input message to prompt the desired action. For example, you need to text ‘HELP’ to access loan details, or text ‘PIN’ to check your EMI Network Card number.

2. Is Bajaj Finserv SMS service free?

The Bajaj Finserv SMS Service is free. However, your telecom service provider may levy charges applicable for sending an SMS. Find out the details related to the same from your telecom service operator.

3. What are all the services which you can check through SMS?

You can check these details through Bajaj Finserv SMS service:

  • Check existing loan details
  • Find out details about fixed deposit account
  • Check Experia login details
  • Update email address
  • Find out EMI Network Card PIN
  • Check Flexi Virtual Account Number
  • Receive No Dues Certificate on closing loan account
  • Check EMI Network Card details
  • Find your nearest branch


4. How to get Experia ID via SMS?

Compose a text SMS saying ‘EXPERIA’ and send it to 9227564444 to receive Experia ID and login details.

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