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View your statement of account and other documents in our customer portal.

View your loan statement

Your loan statement is the most important document related to your ongoing loan. It is a record of every transaction that has been carried out on your loan account – from the date of disbursal to the time of loan closure.

In addition to this, your loan statement also contains important account information, including the due date of your next EMI, the total amount repaid so far, the principal outstanding, and more.

Check your account statement regularly and stay informed about the instalments as well as other deductions on your account.

  • Download your account statement

    Download your account statement

    You can download your account statement by visiting My Account

    • Click on the ‘Sign-in’ button on this page to go to our customer portal.
    • Use our two-factor authentication and enter the OTP to sign-in.
    • Visit the ‘Document Center’ section to select the loan for which you want to view the account statement.
    • Click on ‘Statement of Account’ to download it.

    You can also find all your loan statements and other documents by clicking on the ‘View your loan statement’ text below. You will be asked to sign-in to ‘My Account’ and redirected to the ‘Document Center’ section where you can select your loan account to view its statement.

    View your loan statement

  • Managing your loan account is not only about repaying your debt but also keeping track of every transaction made on it. Your ‘Statement of Account’ keeps you informed about all these transactions, including the total number of EMIs paid, fees and charges deducted, among others. This helps you plan your finances in a better way.

    With My Account, you can access your loan statement and other related documents, such as the Repayment Schedule, No Dues Certificate, and Loan Agreement. You can download all these documents on the go by visiting our customer portal. All you have to do is sign-in using your date of birth and mobile number, select the loan account for which you want to view documents and click on ‘Statement of Account’ to download it.

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  • Check your loan account

    Use your mobile number and date of birth to sign-in to our customer portal.