How to convert hectare to bigha?

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1 hectare equal to 3.953686105 bigha

Land and property buyers must know hectare to bigha conversion. For instance, if a plot measures 23 hectares, its calculation in bigha will be:

1 hectare = 3.953686105 bigha

23 hectare = 23 x 3.953686105 bigha

23 hectare = 90.934 bigha

To understand how hectare to bigha conversion better, learn about the origination of these measurement units in details.

Introduction to hectare to bigha conversion

Land and real estate measurement units differ significantly based on where you are in India. Even though square feet and square metres are accepted as standard units - hectare, bigha, acre, etc., remain other common measurement units. Know how to convert hectare to Bigha before investing in property.

Hectare is a measurement unit under the British Imperial system. Bigha, on the other hand, is primarily used in certain Asian countries. In India, its usage is restricted to states such as West Bengal, Haryana, Gujarat, Bihar, Rajasthan, Punjab and others.

What is hectare?

Hectare is a popular plot measurement unit across the world. It is part of the metric system and is denoted by the symbol ‘ha’. The unit was first used in 1795, with its name being derived from Latin and Greek terms. ‘Hect’ is an uncommon Greek term meaning hundred, while ‘Are’ is Latin for Area.

When converting hectare to bigha, note that 100 hectares is equivalent to one kilometre square. Another simple way to visualise a hectare would be to imagine the size of a football field. The following table contains some other equivalent comparisons between hectare and other popular measurement units.

1 hectare

1,000 square meters

2.47 acres

1,07,639 square feet

100 ares

11,959 square yards

What is bigha?

Understanding the other measurement unit in the equation is just as crucial. Unlike hectare, bigha is not a globally recognised measurement unit. It is used locally in India and in some other Asian countries, including Bangladesh and Nepal.

Here is a look at the Indian states where bigha is popularly used.

  • Bihar
  • Assam
  • Haryana
  • Gujarat
  • West Bengal
  • Uttarakhand
  • Rajasthan
  • Punjab
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Himachal Pradesh
  • Jharkhand

However, the bigha unit is not constant across all states. Its value differs based on the location of the land. Refer to the table to understand the value of one bigha in square feet in different regions.

State name

One bigha in square feet









Himachal Pradesh


Madhya Pradesh


Uttar Pradesh


West Bengal










This variance in bigha measurement from one state to another can complicate its use. No south Indian state relies on this unit of measurement. Instead, these states use other localised systems.

Steps to convert hectare to bigha

As stated previously, 1 hectare equals 3.953686105 bighas. This is a generalised conversion and not specific to a single state’s measurement of a bigha. Following are some steps to ensure speedy hectare to bigha conversion.

Step 1: Determine the exact hectare measurement of the land or plot.

Step 2: Multiply the measured hectare amount with 3.953686105.

Step 3: The resulting value is the land’s measurement in bigha.

Nevertheless, manual conversion can be challenging and can lead to errors. Use a hectare to bigha calculator for faster and more reliable results. This tool also enhances convenience when it comes to such conversions.

Enter the dimension of land in hectare on this calculator. As soon as the value is entered, it should show the converted bigha measurement. You can check these values multiple times since such hectare to bigha converters are free, allowing for limitless uses. With such features, this calculator can aid buyers to compare the dimensions of various plots before choosing one.

If a property or land is measured in bigha, you may also need to convert the same into hectare.

Hectare To Bigha Conversions



Hectare to Bigha

1 Hectare

3.954 Bigha

1 Hectare is equal to 3.954 Bigha

2 Hectare

7.907 Bigha

2 Hectare is equal to 7.907 Bigha

3 Hectare

11.861 Bigha

3 Hectare is equal to 11.861 Bigha

4 Hectare

15.815 Bigha

4 Hectare is equal to 15.815 Bigha

5 Hectare

19.768 Bigha

5 Hectare is equal to 19.768 Bigha

6 Hectare

23.722 Bigha

6 Hectare is equal to 23.722 Bigha

7 Hectare

27.676 Bigha

7 Hectare is equal to 27.676 Bigha

8 Hectare

31.629 Bigha

8 Hectare is equal to 31.629 Bigha

9 Hectare

35.583 Bigha

9 Hectare is equal to 35.583 Bigha

10 Hectare

39.537 Bigha

10 Hectare is equal to 39.537 Bigha

Steps to convert bigha to hectare

The conversion rate for bigha to hectare is given by:

1 bigha = 0.2508382079 hectare

Multiply this number with that of bigha to arrive at the hectare measurement of a plot of land.

For example, if a land measures 14 bighas, its corresponding hectare measurement is:

14 x 0.2508382079 = 3.5117349106 hectare

Bigha to hectare conversion tools are also available online. If manual calculations seem too complicated, utilise such a calculator and know the exact dimensions of your land. Such calculations can be precisely performed using online tools like an area converter.

Standard measurement unit for real estate properties

According to the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) Act, square feet has been designated the standard for property and land measurement. While local measurement systems are still in place, all official records now mention a property’s dimensions in square feet.

Note the following if a plot or property’s dimension is currently listed in hectare or bigha:

1 hectare = 107639 square feet.

For instance, if a property is listed as 0.054 hectares, conversion of the same into square feet would involve:

0.054 x 107639 = 5812.50 square feet.


1 bigha = 26910.66 square feet

If a chosen apartment is listed as 0.037 bighas in dimension, its square footage would be:

0.037 x 26910.66 = 995.69 square feet

Assessing such conversion systems can help buyers gauge the space they are opting for. Hectare to bigha conversion is often integral when purchasing a mortgage loan in the northern parts of the country.

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Frequently asked questions

How many Hectare in Bigha?

1 Hectare is equal to 3.953686105 Bigha.

How to convert Hectare to Bigha?

1 Hectare= 3.953686105 Bigha. So multiple the number with 3.953686105 in order to convert it into Bigha.