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Convert Hectare To Square Feet

1 hectare is equal to 107639 square feet. Both are units of land measurement that are commonly used to represent the area of large plots, pieces of land, houses and office space. These are prevalent units of measurements used in property and land deals in many countries in the world. You can easily convert hectares to square feet and vice versa using simple calculations. For instance, 7 hectares is equal to 753473.73 square feet. Similarly, 10 hectares equals 1076391.04 square feet or 15 hectares equals 1614586.56 square feet. You can make these conversions precise to the last decimal by using a hectare to square ft calculator.

What is hectare?

A hectare was first introduced in 1795 as part of the metric system to measure land area. It is denoted by ‘ha’ and is part of the metric system across the world. The word hectare is derived from the Latin words hect and area. It is predominantly used in countries like Australia, India, Canada and the United States. It is called by different names in different countries. For instance, a hectare is called a manzana in Argentina, jerib in Iran, gong qing in China and bunder in the Netherlands.

As per the British Imperial System, a hectare is equal to 10,000 square meters. Consequently, one hectare is equal to 2.47 acres, 11,959 square yards, and 100000000 sq. cm.

Do note that both acre and hectare are widely used as units of area measurement. However, they are both significantly different from each other. While the acre is a unit of area, the hectare is a metric unit of area. Therefore, as a metric unit of area, one hectare is equal to the area of a square with 100-meter sides.

The table below shows the size of some states in India in hectares.

States Land area in hectares
Maharashtra 30.7713 million ha
Kerala 3.8863 million ha
Uttar Pradesh 24.3286 million ha
Goa 370,200 ha
Assam 7.8438 million ha

What is a square feet?

A square foot is the prominent measurement of land area used in countries like Malaysia, Ghana, India, Bangladesh, Canada and The United States of America. It is denoted by sq. ft. and is defined as a square with one-foot sides. It is used in the countries mentioned above to represent the size of houses, office spaces, and even in architecture.

A square foot is a bit smaller than an A-4 sized paper and is equal to 0.00002295684113 acres. The Wankhede stadium in Mumbai, for instance, is 566290.64 sq. ft.

The table below shows the equivalence of a square foot in other area units.

Square feet Square yards Square meters Acre Guntha
1 0.11 0.0929 0.00002295684113 0.0009182736455

Steps to convert hectare to square feet

You can convert a hectare to square foot by knowing the relationship between a hectare and a square foot. Once you know it, you can easily calculate the result of converting hectare to sq feet.

1 hectare to square feet is equal to 107639.1042 sq ft. Therefore, simply by multiplying the area in hectares by 107639.1042, you get the equivalent area in square feet. In other words,

Square feet = hectare * 107639.1042

For instance, say a person buys a plot that is 30 hectares in area. To convert this into square feet, multiply 30 hectares by 107639.1042 to get its equivalent in square feet.

So, area in hectares = 30 ha
Area in square feet = 30 * 107639.1042 = 3229173.13 sq. ft

Steps to convert square feet to hectare

A square foot is equal to 9.290304E-6 hectares. Now, similar to knowing the relationship between hectare and square feet, you simply need to multiply the area in square feet to 9.290304E-6 to know the area in hectares.

Hectare = square feet * 9.290304E-6

Using this formula, you can convert the area in square feet into the area in hectares. However, this is a complex calculation that an online area conversion calculator performs better. You can efficiently perform this conversion by following the steps given below.

1: Choose an accurate online conversion calculator
2: Select the unit you want to convert from the ‘from convert’ options
3: Select the unit you want to convert to from the ‘to convert’ options
4: Enter the area in the ‘from convert’ field
And your answer is displayed in the ‘to convert’ field!

Using an online calculator helps eliminate errors and saves time.

Here is a square feet to hectares conversion table that you can refer to.

Square feet Hectare (ha)
1 0.000009290304
2 0.000018580608
3 0.000027870912
4 0.000037161216
5 0.00004645152
6 0.000055741824
7 0.000065032128
8 0.000074322432
9 0.000083612736
10 0.00009290304

Hectare to sq feet conversion table

The table below shows hectare to square feet conversions for areas up to 10 ha.

Hectare (ha) Square feet(Sq Ft) Hecatre to Square Feet
1 Hectare 107639.104 Square Feet 1 Hectare is equal to 107639.104 Square Feet
2 Hectare 215278.208 Square Feet 1 Hectare is equal to 215278.208 Square Feet
3 Hectare 322917.312 Square Feet 1 Hectare is equal to 322917.312 Square Feet
4 Hectare 430556.416 Square Feet 1 Hectare is equal to 430556.416 Square Feet
5 Hectare 538195.521 Square Feet 1 Hectare is equal to 538195.521 Square Feet
6 Hectare 645834.625 Square Feet 1 Hectare is equal to 645834.625 Square Feet
7 Hectare 753473.729 Square Feet 1 Hectare is equal to 753473.729 Square Feet
8 Hectare 861112.833 Square Feet 1 Hectare is equal to 861112.833 Square Feet
9 Hectare 968751.937 Square Feet 1 Hectare is equal to 968751.937 Square Feet
10 Hectare 1076391.042 Square Feet 1 Hectare is equal to 1076391.042Square Feet

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How many Hectare in square feet?

1 Hectare= 107639 Square Feet

How to convert Hectare to Square feet?

1 Hectare is equal to 107639 Square Feet. So multiply the number with 107639, in order to convert it into square feet.

How many square feet makes a hectare?

10,000 square metres makes 1 hectare

What are the symbols of Hectare and Square feet?

Symbol of Hectare is Ha and for Square feet is sq ft

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