Square Feet to Gaj

The relation between square feet and gaj is simple and easy to understand. In case you are planning to buy a house or land, it is important to know the details of these measurements, especially how to convert square feet to gaj and vice versa. This will come in handy to understand the area of the space you are buying.

For conversion purposes, you will have to first measure the entire area you are buying in one metric scale and then see if you want to convert square feet to gaj or gaj to sq. feet to reach the final plot or room area measurement. Here, you can choose the representations based on your comfort. But to that end, learn a little more about square feet and gaj, individually.

1 square feet = 0.112188 square gaj

1 square feet in gaj is equal to 0.112188 gaj

1 gaj is equal to 9 square feet

What is a square foot?

To put it in simple words, square feet is the area within a single square, which has 4 sides measuring to 1 foot each. Square feet is an Imperial Unit and comes under the system of measurement that were first defined in the British Weights and Measures Act of 1824.

Over time, this metric system has become very popular all across the globe and is widely used for measurement of property, including flats and apartments. Square feet is abbreviated as sq. ft. and denotes the plural form of 1 feet.

For the convenience of measurement, architects and real estate professionals depend on the square feet metric system mostly because the shape of a land or room is normally a bigger square or a culmination of many square units. Thus, measuring the vast span of the space becomes easier. Though modern machines and devices are used to measure the unit area of a land or property, there may be errors. So, knowing the metrics in detail will help you overcome fraud, and if need be, allow you to do a manual calculation with ease.


Equivalent Value

1 sqft

144 square inches

1 sqft

0.11 square yards

1 sqft

0.0929 square meters

1 sqft

0.00002295684113 Acre

1 sqft

0.0009182736455 Guntha


What is gaj?

Unlike square feet, gaj is a unit of measurement for area calculation more commonly used in India. You can use our area calculator to easily convert your measurements. Just like square feet, gaj also becomes square gaj when it is used to measure land. But in common parlance, the word square is not used for gaj as it is. Gaj is also referred to as yards in many places.

Dimensions of Gaj

Equivalent Value

1 Gaj

9 square feet

1 Gaj

3 feet

1 Gaj

36 inches

1 Gaj

0.91444 meters

1 Gaj

0.0003333305593 Bigha

1 Gaj

0.000204682 acre

Steps to convert square feet to gaj

You can easily take help of a square feet to gaj converter to save time and do an error-free conversion within seconds. However, knowing the basic formula and steps will help you manually verify the numbers and be extra sure of the calculation.

Say you are measuring the area of a room whose dimensions are 20 ft X 20 ft, then it will result in a total of 400 square feet.

To convert the square feet into gaj, wherein 1 Sq. Ft. is equal to 0.11 gaj, simply multiply the square feet value with 0.11.

Example, 1 sq. ft. = 0.11 gaj

So, 20 sq. ft. = 20X0.11 = 2.1 gaj


100 sq. ft = 11.21 gaj

500 sq. ft. = 55.55 gaj

Square feet to gaj conversion table

For simplicity of calculation, here is a basic sq. ft. to gaj table as reference.

Square Feet (Sqft) to Gaj


1 Square Feet


2 Square Feet


3 Square Feet


4 Square Feet


5 Square Feet


6 Square Feet


7 Square Feet


8 Square Feet


9 Square Feet


10 Square Feet


11 Square Feet


12 Square Feet


13 Square Feet


14 Square Feet


15 Square Feet


16 Square Feet


17 Square Feet


18 Square Feet


19 Square Feet


20 Square Feet



Difference between square feet to gaj


Square feet


SI Unit

Sq. ft



Square feet are the area within a single square, which has 4 sides measuring to 1 foot each

Gaj is a unit of measurement for area calculation more commonly used in India.


1 sq. ft. = 0.11 gaj

1 Gaj =8.91359 sq ft


It is used in real estate & architecture.

It is used for measurement of land.

Accurate area conversions are important while applying for a mortgage loan. Moreover, having the right lender like Bajaj Finserv can ensure an easy, comfortable and smooth borrowing procedure.

Frequently asked questions

How many square feet in gaj?

1 square feet= 0.11 gaj

How to convert square feet to gaj?

1 square foot is equal to 0.11 gaj. So multiply the number with 0.11, in order to convert it into gaj

How many gaj are there in 1000 square feet?

As 1 sq. ft. is equal to 0.11 gaj, then 1000 square feet is equal to 110 gaj.

What is a gaj in English?

A gaj is ‘yard” in English Language.

How many Gaj in 1 square feet?

In India, particularly in real estate and construction, the term "Gaj" is often used to measure land area. It is equivalent to 9 square feet.
Therefore, 9 square feet = 1 Gaj

How many Gaj in 10 square feet?

If you have 10 square feet of land area then, 10 square feet = 1.1111 Gaj

How many Gaj in 100 square feet?

If you have 100 square feet of land area then, 100 square feet = 11.1111 (repeating) Gaj

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