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How to Convert Bigha to Acre?

Land and property buyers must know that 1 Bigha is equal to 0.6198347 acres as per definition, this value is not standardised and varies from one state to another. For instance, if a plot measures 23 Bigha, its calculation in Acre will be -

1 Bigha= 0.6198347 acre
23 Bigha= 23 x 0.6198347 acre
23 Bigha = 14.2561981 bigha

Read on to understand are the fundamentals of bigha and acre and the steps involved in bigha to acre conversion.

Bigha to Acre: Introduction

Both bigha and acre do not have a standardised measurement, and the conversion of bigha to acre or acre to bigha would reflect varying results in different states. So, to eliminate such confusion, it is best to find out the value of measurement units in the state where the property is located.

The table below serves as an example of the varying bigha to acre conversion value in different states.

State 1 Acre in Bigha
Central India 1 acre is equal to 5/8 bigha
Maharashtra 1 acre is equal to 1.6 bigha
Punjab and Haryana 1 acre is equal to 4 bigha
West Bengal 1 acre is equal to 1.5983 bigha
Himachal Pradesh 1 acre is equal to 5 bigha

What is Bigha?

Bigha is a commonly used land measurement in India and other countries such as Bangladesh and Nepal. As far as all land measurement units are concerned, bigha is among the oldest and most traditional ones.

Bigha is subdivided into two units, namely Biswa and Katha. They, too, do not have any standard value. Accordingly, the value of bigha and its sub-divisions varies from one state to another. Often, the difference ranges from 16150 to 72880 square feet or, in some cases, between 1500 and 6771 square metres. For example, 1 bigha in Madhya Pradesh equals 12000 square feet, while in UP it is 27000 square feet or 0.33 acre.

This land measurement unit is extensively used in states such as West Bengal, Bihar, Assam, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, and Rajasthan. Primarily, bigha is used to determine the measurement of agricultural lands. However, it is widely used to measure commercial and non-agricultural lands as well.

What is Acre?

Acre is an internationally recognised measurement unit and is nearly three times larger than a bigha unit. It is one of the oldest measurement units that is extensively used across the globe. Acre as a measurement unit does not have any definition.

Traditionally, the Anglo-Saxon acre was described as an area 1x 1/10 furlong or 40 x 4 rods, i.e., 660 x 66 feet. Currently, it is used in the US system and the imperial system, and 1 acre is equivalent to:

  • 43560 square feet
  • 4840 square yards
  • 0.4047 hectares
  • 4047 square metres

The abbreviated form of the acre is Ac. This globally accepted measuring unit is widely used in countries such as Canada, France, Jamaica, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the US, India, Germany, and Sri Lanka.

Note that acre does not have any standardised measurement. In different parts of the world, a unit of an acre would denote a different area. For example, 1 acre of land in Ireland is equivalent to 1.6 British acres. In this regard, let’s take a look at the city-wise price variation per acre elucidated in the table below.

State/City Price Per/Acre (Rs)
Mahad 9 lakh
Pune 2.72 crore
Mumbai 19 crore
Tirupati 32 lakh
Bangalore 3.4 crore
West Bengal 1.5 crore

Steps to Convert Bigha to Acre

Follow the below steps to convert bigha to acre.

  • Step 1: Select a reliable land area conversion calculator online
  • Step 2: Navigate to the calculator and enter the state where the property in question is located
  • Step 3: Set ‘Bigha’ in the ‘From’ field and ‘Acre’ in the ‘To’ field
  • Step 4: Enter property area; for example, 2 bigha

Once these steps are covered, the value of the property area expressed in bigha will be converted into acre.

Example: Suppose a resident of Tirupati wants to purchase land in Punjab with an area of 5 bigha. Fortunately, the individual is aware of the discrepancy of bigha value across the country. Accordingly, the intending buyer decides to use an online land area conversion calculator to determine the 1 acre equal to bigha value. Subsequently, the individual finds out that 5 bigha in Punjab is equivalent to 1.25 acre.

Learning how to convert bigha to acre and vice versa is crucial because it can aid property owners to gauge the proper measure of their land. This, in turn, can facilitate availing a loan against property against the land in question with ease.

Steps to Convert Acre to Bigha

1 Acre = 1.6 Bigha

Multiply the number with that of acre to arrive at the bigha measurement of a plot of land.For example, if a land measures 14 Acre, its corresponding Bigha measurement is -14 x 1.6 = 22.4 Bigha


How many Bigha in Acre?

1 Bigha= 0.6198347 Acre

How to convert bigha to acre?

1 Bigha= 0.6198347 Acre. So multiply the given number with 0.6198347, in order to convert it into acre.

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