Bigha to Acre Conversion

Learn how to convert from Bigha to Acre with this comprehensive guide. Explore the differences between these units, understand the conversion process, and discover their significance.
Bigha to Acre Conversion
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1 November 2023

Land measurement units in India play a crucial role in property transactions, taxation, land valuation, agriculture, urban and rural planning, and legal compliance. They are used to determine the size and value of land, allocate land for different purposes, resolve boundary disputes, and maintain accurate land records. They are also useful when you are planning to avail of Loan Against Property. One such conversion used is Bigha to Acre. Read on to understand the Bigha to Acre conversion, the conversion process, and it comes handy while opting for a Loan Against Property.

Convert Bigha to Acre

Bigha and Acre are units used for measuring land area, but they have different values based on the location. The conversion factor from Bigha to Acre varies from region to region. To perform this conversion, you need to know the local conversion factor in your area.

In most of the states, 1 Bigha = 0.62 Acre. However in other states 1 bigha varies. The table below provides a comprehensive reference for converting Bigha measurements to acres across various states.


1 Bigha in Acre


0.33 acre


0.62 acre


0.402 acre


0.24 acre

Himachal Pradesh

0.19 acre


0.62 acre

Madhya Pradesh

0.27 acre


0.24 acre


0.62 acre

Uttar Pradesh

0.62 acre


0.19 acre

West Bengal

0.33 acre

Example of Acre To Bigha Conversion

For example, here's how to convert 20 Acre to bigha using the formula above

Bigha = Acre x 1.61

Bigha = (20 acre x 1.61) = 32.2 bigha

What is Bigha?

A ‘Bigha’ is a traditional unit of land measurement primarily used in India. The value of a Bigha is not standardised across India and can vary significantly from state to state and even within different regions of the same state.

For instance, in states like Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, Bigha is often referred to as ‘Biswa Bigha’ or ‘Kachcha Bigha’ and is approximately equivalent to 13,450 square feet or 1,488.89 square yards (Gaj). In contrast, in states like Punjab and Haryana, one Bigha consists of 20 Bishwa and is equivalent to approximately 9,000 square feet.

The specific measurement of a Bigha can change from one region to another, making it crucial to understand the local standards when dealing with land transactions or property-related matters. Due to these variations, Bigha is considered a non-standardised unit of land measurement in India.

What is an Acre?

An ‘Acre’ is a widely accepted unit of land measurement in various countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom. In India, the term ‘Acre’ is also used as a unit of land measurement. The value of an Acre in India is typically consistent with the international standard, where 1 Acre is equal to 4,046.86 square metres.

Steps to convert Bigha to Acre

To convert Bigha to Acre, follow the below steps:

  1. Determine the local conversion factor: Find out the local Bigha to Acre conversion factor in your region. The conversion factor may differ from state to state or even within different areas of the same state.
  2. Multiply Bighas by the conversion factor: Once you have the conversion factor, multiply the number of Bighas by this factor to obtain the equivalent in Acres.

For example, if the local conversion factor is 0.4, and you have 5 Bighas of land, the calculation would be: 5 Bighas × 0.4 = 2 Acres.

Bigha to Acre conversion for Loan Against Property

The conversion from Bigha to Acre is relevant in various situations, including Loan Against Property. In a Loan Against Property, the property valuation is a critical factor in determining the loan amount. Accurate valuation depends on knowing the land area in terms of the unit preferred by the lender, which may be in Acres.

Here's how Bigha to Acre conversion is useful in Loan Against Property:

  1. Property valuation: In Loan Against Property, your property's value is assessed to determine the loan amount you can obtain. Lenders often use the Acre as their preferred unit for land measurement. Accurate Bigha to Acre conversion ensures your property's value is assessed correctly.
  2. Land assessment: Lenders evaluate the land's value when assessing your property. If the lender uses Acre as the unit for valuation, knowing the conversion ensures that the assessment is done accurately.
  3. Documentation: When applying for Loan Against Property, you will need to provide property-related documents. These documents may include land records with measurements, which could be in Bigha. Converting these measurements into Acres simplifies the documentation process and aligns it with the lender's preference.
  4. Cross-regional transactions: If your property is located in an area where Bigha is the standard measurement unit, but the lender operates in an area where Acre is commonly used, conversions are essential for facilitating transactions across regions.

Difference between Acre and Bigha

The table delineates the disparities between acre and bigha measurements, offering clarity for individuals navigating land-related transactions and assessments.




Origin and Usage:

An acre is a common land use in the United States, the United Kingdom, and other countries. It originated in medieval England and was historically defined as a place where a day could be plowed during the Age of Oxen. It is widely used in surveying land for agricultural and real estate purposes.

The bigha is a measure of land mainly used in South Asia, including India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan. The size varies greatly from region to region and even within the same country. The bigha is usually used for agricultural land and varies in size depending on local customs and historical practices.

Area Representation:

A typical acre is defined as 43,560 square feet or 4,840 square feet. However, it is important to note that different countries may have slightly different definitions.

The area represented by a bigha varies greatly from place to place. In India, for example, depending on national and local customs, a bigha can range between 1,600 and 20,000 square meters. Bigha size can vary significantly between Bangladesh and Nepal.

Geographical Usage:

Acres are used primarily in countries that follow the imperial system of measurement, such as the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom. It is commonly used in commercial real estate, agriculture and land surveying.

Bigha is mainly used in South Asian countries like India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan. It is commonly used to measure agricultural land and can vary greatly in size depending on location.

1 Acre or Bigha

1 Acre = 43560 sq. ft

1 Bigha = 26910.66 sq. ft


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Frequently asked questions

How many Bigha in Acre?

The number of Bigha in one Acre depends on the local measurement standards in your area. To find this conversion factor, you can use the below formula;

Conversion factor = 1 Acre / the local Bigha

How to convert Bigha to Acre?

To convert Bigha to Acre, you need to know the local measurement standards for a Bigha in your region. Once you have this information, simply multiply the number of Bigha by the local Bigha to Acre conversion factor to find the equivalent in Acres.

How many Acres in 1 Bigha?

The number of Acres in 1 Bigha varies depending on the region. Multiply one Bigha by the local Bigha to Acre conversion factor to find the equivalent in Acres.

How many Acres in 10 Bigha?

To convert 10 Bigha to Acre, multiply 10 by the local Bigha to Acre conversion factor for your region.

How many Acres in 100 Bigha?

To calculate the number of Acres in 100 Bigha, you will need the local Bigha to Acre conversion factor in your area. Then, multiply 100 by this conversion factor to find the equivalent in Acres.

Which are globally accepted land measurement units?

While Bigha and Acre are commonly used in specific regions, globally accepted land measurement units include Acres, Square Meters, and Square Feet. These units offer standardised measurements recognised in many countries, making them suitable for international transactions and comparisons.

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