How to convert acres to square feet?

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1 acre is equal to 43,560 square feet.
The following formula can be used for acre to square feet conversion – Acre and square feet are units often used in area measurement of land and can be converted interchangeably with precise measurements.
Square feet (ft2) = acre (ac) x 43,560

For larger conversions, an area converter tool is preferable. These are precise calculators available online and display the results instantly.

What is an acre?

An acre is expressed as an area of 1 chain by 1 furlong. Here, 1 chain equals 66 feet, whereas 1-furlong measures 660 feet precisely. The total area of 1 acre is equal to 10 square chains. An acre is a part of the US customary and imperial units’ system of measurement. 1 acre can be visualized as:

  • 150 cars parked in a square formation
  • 60% of a football field
  • Around 16 tennis courts

An acre is equal to 4,047 square meters, around 40% of a hectare, and comprises 640 square miles.

The origin of acre dates back to the Middle Ages when 1 acre equalled the area a man and a yoke of oxen can till in a day.

Several monarchs in England introduced the statutory measurement of an acre in varying degrees. During Queen Victoria’s reign, 1 acre equalled 4,840 square yards as per the British Weights and Measures Act of 1878.

The measurement of an acre also differed significantly throughout Europe before the metric system introduction. In India, acre units are primarily used to measure the area of agricultural land, whereas a square foot is used to measure residential plots.

Acre Popular Conversions

1 acre

43560.057 Square Feet

1 acre

4046.85 Square Meter

1 acre

4886.92 gaj

1 acre

6272640 square inch

1 acre

1.61290 Bigha

1 acre

0.4046856422 hectare

What is square feet?

Square foot (plural – square feet) in the area of a square wherein all four sides measure 1 foot each. It is a US customary and imperial unit of area.

A square foot is measured by finding the length and breadth of an area and multiplying both values.

In India, the square foot is mostly used in plot and flat measurements. The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 also mandates that builders use it as a standard unit for property measurement.

Square feet is used to denote the following measurements in real estate:

  • Carpet area – Area of the floor excluding the inner walls and pillars (if any). The term originates from the area where carpet can be placed.
  • Built-up area – Carpet area along with the walls and balconies.
  • Super built-up area – Built-up area along with areas that can be accessed by others in an apartment.

These include elevators, stairs, lobby along with swimming pool, gardens, etc. in some cases.

Acre to square feet conversion (ac to sq ft) table

Below is the table showing acre to square feet conversion:


Square feet

1 Acre

43,560 Square Feet

2 Acre

87,120 Square Feet

3 Acre

1,30,680 Square Feet

4 Acre

1,74,240 Square Feet

5 Acre

2,17,800 Square Feet

6 Acre

2,61,360 Square Feet

7 Acre

3,04,920 Square Feet

8 Acre

3,48,480 Square Feet

9 Acre

3,92,040 Square Feet

10 Acre

4,35,600 Square Feet

How to convert acre to square feet (ac to sq ft)?

Conversion of 1 acre to sq ft can be done by multiplying the former with 43,560. Hence, 15 acre of land expressed in square feet is calculated as:
15 acre = 15 x 43,560 or 6,53,400 square feet

Utilise an online area converter for efficient acre to square feet conversion. These tools are available for free and display accurate results in no time. It is an important factor while taking mortgage loan.

Difference Between Acre and Square Feet



Square Feet

SI Unit




Acre is a land area measurement unit that is used throughout the U.S measurement system

Square Feet is linked to any property transaction and listing globally.


1 Acre = 43,560 square feet

1 Square Feet =0.00002295684113 Acre


It is used in U.S, UK along with India

It is used in the U.S, India, United Kingdom (UK) and also Canada, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Liberia, Hong Kong, Ghana, Singapore, Pakistan.

Other area conversions


Unit symbols


Square inch to square feet

Sq in to sq ft

1 square inch = 0.00694 square feet

Square meter to square yard

Sq m to sq yd

1 square meter = 1.19 square yard

Square meter to gaj

Sq m to gaj

1 square meter = 1.2 gaj

Square feet to acre

Sq ft to ac

1 square feet = 0.000022 acre

Square meter to acre

Sq m to ac

1 square meter = 0.00024 acre

Square feet to cm

Sq ft to cm

1 Square Feet = 929.03 Cm

Cent to square feet

Ct to Sq ft

1 cent = 435.56 square feet

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Frequently asked questions

How many acre in square feet?

1 Acre = 43560 Square Feet

How to convert acre to square feet?

1 Acre is equal to 43560 Square Feet. So multiply the number with 43560, in order to convert it into square feet.