Square Meter to Gaj Converter

As investments in land are ever-increasing, being familiar with key terms will always come in handy. Similarly, knowing about land measurement units is essential. It may be easy to be a victim of fraud if you do not understand the terms and conversions too well. So, whether you are building a dream house, or buying a new plot, understand land sizes and measurements will always remain a handy skill.

What is a square meter?

A square meter is defined as a unit of area calculator that is used worldwide to determine two-dimensional areas like a floor or ground. It is widely recognized as the standard international unit for area measurement. A square meter referred to as M2 or sq.m. is a measuring unit of area that equals one meter on each side. When measuring properties, typically the area is proportional to the square of the linear dimension. There are four times larger areas if we double up linear dimensions.

Dimensions of Square Meter

1 square meter

1.20 sq yd

1 square meter

10.76 sq. ft.

1 square meter

0.00024710882 acre

1 square meter

0.0001 Hectare

1 square meter

0.00041668402 Ground

1 square meter

0.0004 Bigha

What is Gaj?

Gaj is a unit of measurement commonly used in India’s northern parts of India. It is also popular as gaz. One Gaj is equal to 9 square feet. Gaj is a standard word used for a square yard.

Gaj is pronounced as gaj. It was introduced by the Mughals in India. The unit is also widely used as Square Gaj. It is a unit of length that was earlier used in Asia in places like Nepal and Bangladesh. Indian states like Haryana, Delhi, and Punjab make use of Gaj for extensive land measurements.

For instance, if you desire to convert 200 Gaj to square feet, then you will have to multiply 200*9 which is equal to 1,800 sqft. To again convert from square feet to Gaj, you will have to divide the area by 9.

Dimensions of Gaj

1 Gaj

9 square feet

1 Gaj

3 foot

1 Gaj

36 inches

1 Gaj

0.91444 meter

1 Gaj

0.0003333305593 Bigha

1 Gaj

0.000204682 acre

Steps to convert square meter to gaj

One square meter equals 1.2 Gaj. Hence, if you want to convert to Gaj from square meter, you will have to multiply the desired number with 1.2. We can use a Square Meter to Gaj conversion formula. Please see the example below.

Convert 71 square meter to Gaj

71 Square Meter = 71 × 1.2 or 84.92 Gaj

Steps to convert Gaj to square meter

You can always use a Gaj to Square Meter converter; but as it is established that Gaj equals 0.83612736 Square Meter, to convert Gaj to Square Meter, multiply the number with 0.83612736. Please see the example below.

100 Gaj to Square Meter ⇒ 100 Gaj equals 100×0.83612736 or 83.61 Square Meter

In other units, 1 Gaj equals

0.020661157024793 Cent

0.000625 Bigha

0.0125 Katha

0.020661157024793 Decimal

Importance of land survey using sq. ft. and Gaj

Some of the benefits of using square feet and gaj are mentioned below.

  • Having a clear idea of land measurement units will enhance understanding of the importance of land survey/land measurement in real estate.
  • A land survey using sq. mt. and Gaj will help get an improved knowledge of land dimensions when specialists deploy mathematical calculations, special technologies, and survey equipment.
  • Land measuring techniques will help a great deal when it comes to shielding investment plans.

Square meter to Gaj conversion table

Square meter [m2]

Gaj [gaj]

























With this information handy, you will now be able to make confident decisions on real estate measurements. If you are in doubt, try using simple conversion techniques like square meter, Gaj, and other such measurement metrics to calculate the dimensions of the desired property. The above mentioned information is going to help make better decisions when it comes to purchasing a property.

Frequently asked questions

How many Gaj make a square meter?

1 Square Meter equals 1.2 Gaj. You can use a unit calculator available online to easily convert the desired number from Square Meter to Gaj.

What is the symbol of Gaj?

The symbol of Gaj is gaj, so you can write one Gaj as 1 gaj.

What is the symbol of the square meter?

The symbol of Square Meter is m2, so you can write 1 Square Meter as 1 m2.

What is the difference between Gaj and meter?

The answer is one Gaj equals 0.9144 Meters.

How many Gaj in 10 Square Meters?

1 Gaj is typically equal to 9 square feet.
1 square meter is approximately equal to 0.836127 Gaj.
So, for 10 square meters:
10 square meters x 0.836127 Gaj/ square meter = 8.361 Gaj
Therefore, 10 square meters = 8.361 Gaj

How many Gaj in 50 Square Meters?

To convert square meters to Gaj, you can use the conversion factor that 1 Gaj is approximately equal to 0.836127 square meters.
So, for 50 square meters:
50 square meters ÷ 0.836127 Gaj/ square meter = 59.80 Gaj
Therefore, 50 square meters = 59.80 Gaj

How many Gaj in 100 Square Meters?

To convert square meters to Gaj, you can use the conversion factor that 1 Gaj is approximately equal to 0.836127 square meters. So, for 100 square meters: 100 square meters ÷ 0.836127 Gaj/ square meter = 119.61 Gaj
Therefore, 100 square meters = 119.61 Gaj

Which one is bigger, Square Meter or Gaj?

A square meter (m²) is larger than a Gaj. In India, particularly in real estate and land measurement, 1 Gaj is approximately equal to 0.836127 square meters (m²). Therefore, a square meter is the larger unit of measurement compared to a Gaj.

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