Square Meter to Gaj Converter

Understanding land measurement units, particularly the conversion from square meter to gaj, is indispensable as land investments rise. Without a grasp of these terms and conversions, individuals risk falling prey to fraud. Whether embarking on building a dream home or purchasing a new plot, familiarity with land sizes and measurements proves invaluable. This knowledge not only enhances decision-making but also safeguards against potential deceit, ensuring individuals navigate property transactions with confidence and clarity.

What is a square meter?

A square meter is defined as a unit of area calculator that is used worldwide to determine two-dimensional areas like a floor or ground. It is widely recognized as the standard international unit for area measurement. A square meter referred to as M2 or sq.m. is a measuring unit of area that equals one meter on each side. When measuring properties, typically the area is proportional to the square of the linear dimension. There are four times larger areas if we double up linear dimensions.

Dimensions of Square Meter

1 square meter

1.20 sq yd

1 square meter

10.76 sq. ft.

1 square meter

0.00024710882 acre

1 square meter

0.0001 Hectare

1 square meter

0.00041668402 Ground

1 square meter

0.0004 Bigha

What is Gaj?

Gaj is a unit of measurement commonly used in India’s northern parts of India. It is also popular as gaz. One Gaj is equal to 9 square feet. Gaj is a standard word used for a square yard.

Gaj is pronounced as gaj. It was introduced by the Mughals in India. The unit is also widely used as Square Gaj. It is a unit of length that was earlier used in Asia in places like Nepal and Bangladesh. Indian states like Haryana, Delhi, and Punjab make use of Gaj for extensive land measurements.

For instance, if you desire to convert 200 Gaj to square feet, then you will have to multiply 200*9 which is equal to 1,800 sqft. To again convert from square feet to Gaj, you will have to divide the area by 9.

Dimensions of Gaj

1 Gaj

9 square feet

1 Gaj

3 foot

1 Gaj

36 inches

1 Gaj

0.91444 meter

1 Gaj

0.0003333305593 Bigha

1 Gaj

0.000204682 acre

Steps to convert square meter to gaj

One square meter equals 1.2 Gaj. Hence, if you want to convert to Gaj from square meter, you will have to multiply the desired number with 1.2. We can use a Square Meter to Gaj conversion formula. Please see the example below.

Convert 71 square meter to Gaj

71 Square Meter = 71 × 1.2 or 84.92 Gaj

Steps to convert Gaj to square meter

You can always use a Gaj to Square Meter converter; but as it is established that Gaj equals 0.83612736 Square Meter, to convert Gaj to Square Meter, multiply the number with 0.83612736. Please see the example below.

100 Gaj to Square Meter ⇒ 100 Gaj equals 100×0.83612736 or 83.61 Square Meter

In other units, 1 Gaj equals

0.020661157024793 Cent

0.000625 Bigha

0.0125 Katha

0.020661157024793 Decimal

Importance of land survey using sq. ft. and Gaj

Some of the benefits of using square feet and gaj are mentioned below.

  • Having a clear idea of land measurement units will enhance understanding of the importance of land survey/land measurement in real estate.
  • A land survey using sq. mt. and Gaj will help get an improved knowledge of land dimensions when specialists deploy mathematical calculations, special technologies, and survey equipment.
  • Land measuring techniques will help a great deal when it comes to shielding investment plans.

Square meter to Gaj conversion table

Square meter [m2]

Gaj [gaj]

























With this information handy, you will now be able to make confident decisions on real estate measurements. If you are in doubt, try using simple conversion techniques like square meter, Gaj, and other such measurement metrics to calculate the dimensions of the desired property. The above mentioned information is going to help make better decisions when it comes to purchasing a property.

Difference Between Square Feet and Gaj

Understanding the distinction between Square Feet and Gaj is crucial when converting from Square Feet to Gaj to prevent potential errors in calculations.



Square Feet


Gaj serves as a prevalent unit of length for describing yards across various regions of the Indian subcontinent.

Square feet is universally employed for measuring both imperial and U.S. customary units, thus serving as a globally recognized standard for land measurement.



Sq. ft, ft2


1 gaj is equivalent to 9 square feet

1 square feet is equivalent to 0.112188142 gaj

Square Feet to Gaj Conversion Formula

Gaj = 9 x square feetHence, to convert you are required to multiply the area value by 8.914

Gaj = Sq Ft * 0.1111Hence, to convert you are required to divide the area value by 8.914


In the Indian subcontinent, Gaj is used for measuring land and textiles

Square feet is primarily used in architecture, the real estate sector, etc.

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Frequently asked questions

How many Gaj make a square meter?

1 Square Meter equals 1.2 Gaj. You can use a unit calculator available online to easily convert the desired number from Square Meter to Gaj.

What is the symbol of Gaj?

The symbol of Gaj is gaj, so you can write one Gaj as 1 gaj.

What is the symbol of the square meter?

The symbol of Square Meter is m2, so you can write 1 Square Meter as 1 m2.

What is the difference between Gaj and meter?

The answer is one Gaj equals 0.9144 Meters.

How many Gaj in 10 Square Meters?

1 Gaj is typically equal to 9 square feet.
1 square meter is approximately equal to 0.836127 Gaj.
So, for 10 square meters:
10 square meters x 0.836127 Gaj/ square meter = 8.361 Gaj
Therefore, 10 square meters = 8.361 Gaj

How many Gaj in 50 Square Meters?

To convert square meters to Gaj, you can use the conversion factor that 1 Gaj is approximately equal to 0.836127 square meters.
So, for 50 square meters:
50 square meters ÷ 0.836127 Gaj/ square meter = 59.80 Gaj
Therefore, 50 square meters = 59.80 Gaj

How many Gaj in 100 Square Meters?

To convert square meters to Gaj, you can use the conversion factor that 1 Gaj is approximately equal to 0.836127 square meters. So, for 100 square meters: 100 square meters ÷ 0.836127 Gaj/ square meter = 119.61 Gaj
Therefore, 100 square meters = 119.61 Gaj

Which one is bigger, Square Meter or Gaj?

A square meter (m²) is larger than a Gaj. In India, particularly in real estate and land measurement, 1 Gaj is approximately equal to 0.836127 square meters (m²). Therefore, a square meter is the larger unit of measurement compared to a Gaj.

What is the difference between square feet and square meters?

The key distinction to understand between square feet and square metres is that these are two diverse units of area measurement, used in different parts of the world. A square foot is a unit of area in the imperial measurement systems, where one square foot equates to 144 square inches. On the other hand, a square metre is a unit of area in the metric system, equivalent to a square shaped with sides of one metre.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when dealing with area measurements?

A common mistake when dealing with area measurements is failing to convert between units accurately. It's vital to use the correct conversion factor to prevent errors and misunderstandings. Another frequent error is misunderstanding the difference between linear and area measurements. Remember, when you square a unit of measurement, you're not merely doubling it.

Between Gaj and Square Meter, which one is bigger?

When comparing Gaj and Square Meter, a Gaj, a traditional Indian unit of area is generally understood to be equivalent to a square yard, is equal to 9 square feet, whilst a square metre is approximately 10.76 square feet. This makes a square metre larger than a Gaj.

Which land measurement units are used in North India?

In North India, several land measurement units are customarily used. These include Bigha, Biswa, Marla, Kanal, Gaj, and Square Feet, amongst others. The use of these units often varies based on the specific Indian state or region.

How much is Cent in Square Feet terms?

A Cent is another traditional Indian unit of area measurement, primarily used in Southern India. One Cent is equivalent to approximately 435.56 square feet. It is important to note that regional variations in such measurements can occur based on local usage and understanding.

What is the difference between square feet and square metres?

Square feet and square metres are both units of area measurement, but they belong to different measurement systems. Square feet is a unit in the imperial system, primarily used in the United States and partially in Canada and the United Kingdom. On the other hand, a square metre is a unit of area in the metric system, which is globally recognised and used. To convert square feet to square metres, multiply the number of square feet by 0.092903.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when dealing with area measurements?

When dealing with area measurements, be cautious not to confuse units of length (such as feet and metres) with units of area (like square feet and square metres). This is a common mistake that can lead to significantly erroneous calculations. Secondly, remember that conversion factors vary between different units of area measurement. Always double-check these factors before making any conversions. Lastly, be aware that certain land measurement units like 'bigha' or 'gaj' can differ significantly in size depending on the Indian region.

Which one is bigger, Gaj or Square metre?

The terms 'gaj' and 'square yard' are interchangeable in Indian real estate terminology, and they are equivalent in area. As one gaj or square yard is approximately equal to 0.836 square metres, it can be said that a square metre is larger than a gaj.

Which land measurement units are used in North India?

In North India, the land measurement units commonly used include bigha, biswa, marla, kanal, gaj, and yard. However, it is critical to note that these units may represent different areas in different states, and it is always a good idea to confirm their precise meanings regionally.

How much is Cent in Square Feet terms?

'Cent' is a unit of land measurement predominantly used in Southern India, particularly in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Karnataka. One Cent is equivalent to 435.6 square feet. However, it is always recommended to double-check conversion factors regionally to avoid any potential misunderstanding or errors.

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