Conversion of square feet to centimetres

Both square feet and centimeters are two separate units of measurement. If you want to calculate a person or building’s height, you measure in feet. There are exceptions of course.

If the building is measured in centimeters, a conversion to square feet becomes necessary. While centimeters are used to determine the size of small areas, square feet are used for the measurements of rooms and buildings.

What is a square feet?

A square feet refers to the area of a square with 1 feet on each side. It's a popular non-metric unit of measurement used to determine the size of properties. These properties could be flats or apartments.

It is often abbreviated as sq. ft., SF, and ft2. If dealing with the plural form, that is when you say ‘square feet.’ Before applying for a mortgage loan, you should have an accurate idea of what the property's size is like. You can measure it in square feet.

This unit of measurement is mostly used in countries like India, Canada, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, and many more. You'll likely find this used in architecture and property development.

In real estate transactions in India, for instance, it is often used to calculate space. This is because the area of apartment units often appears in square feet. So, if you pledge a property for a mortgage loan, the property’s size in square feet is instrumental in the amount you get.

Below is a list of the dimensions of a square feet:

1 Square Feet

144 Square Inches

1 Square Feet

92903.04 Square Millimeters

1 Square Feet

0.0929 Square Meter

1 Square Feet

9.29 * 10 (-8) Square Kilometer

1 Square Feet

0.111 Square Yard

What is a centimetre?

A centimetre is a unit of measurement mostly used for calculating small areas. It is an area proportional to a square that measures a centimetre on every side.

Often abbreviated as cm or cm, it is the unit measurement for the area. To start with, you measure the shape and utilize the right equation to arrive at the shape’s area. You can use a measuring tape or metric rule to achieve this.

Here are the dimensions of a square centimeter:

1 Cm

100 Square Millimeters

1 Cm

0.0001 Square Meter

1 Cm

0.00107639 Square feet

1 Cm

0.00000002 Acre

1 Cm

0.00000001 Hectare

Difference Between Square Feet & Centimeter


Square Feet


SI Unit

Sq ft.



Square feet refers to the area of a square with 1 feet on each side.

It is an area proportional to a square that measures a centimetre on every side.


1 Square Feet = 929.03 Cm

1 Cm = 0.00107639 Square Feet


It is used in architecture and property development.

It is mostly used for calculating small areas

Steps to convert square feet to centimeters

We advise that you use a square feet to a centimeter calculator while performing this calculation, since manual calculations leave room for errors/

If you want to convert a square feet to a centimeter, it's quite simple. You already know that one square feet is equal to 929.0304 centimeters, so what is next is to calculate. Use this formula:

Square feet * 929.0304 = centimeters

For example, if you want to convert 5 square feet to centimeters, input the value 5 in the above formula as shown below.

5 * 929.0304 = 4,645.152 cm.

Steps to convert centimeters to square feet

If you would like to convert centimeters to square feet, below is a guide:

To convert a centimeter to a square feet, you have to multiply the area by the conversion amount. In case you didn't know, 1 square centimeter is equal to 0.001076 square feet. So, here is a formula for you to use:

1 centimeter * 0.001076 = square feet

If you wanted to convert 500 square centimeters to square feet, you would multiply 500 by the conversion amount. Here's an example to covert 500 sq. cm in sq. ft.

500 * 0.001076 = 0.538196 sq. ft.

Use an online converter for square feet to centimeters conversion.

Square feet to centimeters conversion table

Below is a conversion table for square feet to square centimeters:

Square Feet, Sq ft

Centimeters, Cm

Square Feet To Cm

1 Square Feet

929 cm

1 Square Feet is 929 Cm

2 Square Feet

1,858 cm

2 Square Feet is 1,858 Cm

3 Square Feet

2,787 cm

3 Square Feet is 2,787 Cm

4 Square Feet

3,716 cm

4 Square Feet is 3,716 Cm

5 Square Feet

4,645 cm

5 Square Feet is 4,645 Cm

6 Square Feet

5,574 cm

6 Square Feet is 5,574 Cm

7 Square Feet

6,503 cm

7 Square Feet is 6,503 Cm

8 Square Feet

7,432 cm

8 Square Feet is 7,432 Cm

9 Square Feet

8,361 cm

9 Square Feet is 8,361 Cm

10 Square Feet

9,290 cm

10 Square Feet is 9,290 Cm

Now that you know how to convert square feet to centimeters, you can check your property area and calculate its value approximately before applying for a loan against property. To avail of an affordable mortgage loan, click here. Fill in your basic details and one of our representatives will call you in 48 hours* and explain the next steps.

Frequently asked questions

How many square feet in cm?

1 Square feet=929.03 Cm

How to convert Square feet to Cm?

1 Square feet is equal to 929.03 cm. So multiply the number with 929.03, in order to convert it into cm.