How to convert square meter to acre?

Understanding square meters and acres are quite helpful in calculating the price of land or space, as it permits you to break down real estate prices into a price per square meter model. Hence, 1 square meter is equal to 0.0002471053815 acre.

What is a square meter?

A square meter or m2 is a unit typically used to measure an area in the ambit of the SI or the International System of Units. It is precisely the area of a square with the side measuring a meter. Meter is the distance light covers in 1/299 792 458 seconds. The second is defined based on the cesium frequency measuring instance.

Area is majorly reflected via the form of a regular square with sides translating to a unit for length. It is written as square and is followed by the chosen unit for length. A square meter is one out of several similar units being derived from the area of a square with sides standing at a meter each.

What is an acre?

Acre is widely popular as ac. It is accepted universally as the unit for measuring land area that is extensively used in the US imperial and customary systems of measurement. An acre is defined as the area that equals a chain by a furlong or about 66 feet by 660 feet. This equals 1/640 of a square miles or even 43,560 square feet. This works out to 4046.8564224 square meters.

Uses of square meter

Square meter is the International System of Units or SI unit for measuring an area. It is used all over the world to map land area in land parcels, houses, plots, and also for rooms. It is predominantly used in many countries with diverse applications.

1 square meter

1.20 sq yd

1 square meter

10.76 sq ft

1 square meter

0.00024710882 acre

1 square meter

0.0001 Hectare

1 square meter

0.00041668402 Ground

1 square meter

0.0004 Bigha

Uses of acre

Acre is commonly used in many countries like Canada, the US, India, the UK, and Ghana. The US makes use of survey and international acre measurements. An acre is a well-known unit used for measuring extensive stretches of lands in many parts of the world.

1 Acre

4,840 square yards

1 Acre

43,560 square feet

1 Acre

4,047 square metres

1 Acre

0.4047 hectares

Relationship between Acre and Square Meter

The link between square meter and acre is not difficult to understand. 1 square meter to acre can be converted easily. 1 square meter equals 0.0002471054 acres and 1 acre equals 4046.8564224 square meters. That is everything one needs to know to undertake the conversion subsequently.

Steps to convert square meter to acre

The easiest formula for square meter to acre conversion is given below.
ac =m² * 0.00024711
This will reflect the final figure in acres. You now know how to make a conversion of sq mt to acre without any hassle. Alternatively, you can use a square meter to acre converter.

Steps to convert acre to square meter

The modern acre equals 4,047 square meters. To convert 1 acre to square meters, multiply the acre by 4046.8564224.

Square meter to acre conversion table

Please find below the square meter to acres conversion table:

Square Meter


Square Meter to Acre

1 Square Meter

0.000247105 Acre

1 Square Meter is equal to 0.000247105 Acre

2 Square Meter

0.000494211 Acre

2 Square Meter is equal to 0.000494211 Acre

3 Square Meter

0.000741316 Acre

3 Square Meter is equal to 0.000741316 Acre

4 Square Meter

0.000988422 Acre

4 Square Meter is equal to 0.000988422 Acre

5 Square Meter

0.001235526 Acre

5 Square Meter is equal to 0.001235526 Acre

6 Square Meter

0.001482632 Acre

6 Square Meter is equal to 0.001482632 Acre

7 Square Meter

0.001729737 Acre

7 Square Meter is equal to 0.001729737 Acre

8 Square Meter

0.001976843 Acre

8 Square Meter is equal to 0.001976843 Acre

9 Square Meter

0.002223948 Acre

9 Square Meter is equal to 0.002223948 Acre

10 Square Meter

0.00247105381 Acre

10 Square Meter is equal to 0.00247105381 Acre

20 Square Meter

0.00494210763 Acre

20 Square Meter is equal to 0.00494210763 Acre

30 Square Meter

0.00741316144 Acre

30 Square Meter is equal to 0.00741316144 Acre

40 Square Meter

0.00988421526 Acre

40 Square Meter is equal to 0.00988421526 Acre

50 Square Meter

0.0123552691 Acre

50 Square Meter is equal to 0.0123552691 Acre

100 Square Meter

0.0247105381 Acre

100 Square Meter is equal to 0.0247105381 Acre

It must be noted that there’s no standard measurement of acre, and it does not denote the same area in countries where it is used. While an acre of land in Scotland equals 1.27 standard acres, the Irish acre equals 1.6 British or the US acres.

In India, residential plots are measured in square feet and agricultural land is measured in hectare or acres. However, bigha is a unit that is used locally in northern parts of the country as it denotes measurements in different states. It is always a good idea to know about these land conversion units as these can help avoid potential frauds. You can use an area calculator to make computations easier.

Difference between square meter and acre


Square Meter



A metric unit of area. 1 square meter is equal to 1 meter by 1 meter.

A unit of area commonly used in the imperial system. 1 acre is approximately 43,560 square feet.


1 square meter = 0.0001 hectares

1 acre = 4046.86 square meters

Common usage

Widely used globally in the metric system.

Commonly used in the United States, and some other countries, especially for larger land areas.

Equivalent to

10,000 square centimeters

About the size of a football field (excluding end zones).

International standard

Adopted in most countries as a standard unit of area.

Widely recognized but not used as a primary unit in many countries.


Provides a smaller unit for more precise measurements in smaller areas.

Suited for measuring larger land areas with less precision in comparison to square meters.

Other popular conversions

Frequently asked questions

How many square meter in acre?

1 Square meter=0.00024710 Acre

How to convert Square meter to Acre?

1 Square meter is equal to 0.000247105 Acre. So multiply the number with 0.00024710, in order to convert it into acre.

How many m3 is an acre?

1 Cubic meters = 0.000811 Acre feet

How many acres in 10 Square meters?

There are approximately 0.002471 acres in 10 square meters.

How many acres in 50 Square meters?

There are approximately 0.012355 acres in 50 square meters.

How many acres in 100 Square meters?

There are approximately 0.024711 acres in 100 square meters.

Which one is bigger, square meter or acre?

An acre is larger than a square meter. One acre is approximately equal to 4,046.86 square meters.

Which are globally accepted land measurement units for larger lands?

Globally accepted land measurement units for larger lands include hectares, acres, square kilometers, and square miles.

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