How to convert square yard to square feet?

Land and property buyers must know that 1 square yard = 9.000000878 square feet. For instance, if a plot measures 23 Bigha, its calculation in Acre will be -

1 square yard = 9.000000878 square feet.

5 square yard = 5 * 9.000000878 square feet.

5 square yard= 45.00000044 square feet

Individuals can also use a square yard to square feet calculator available online to simplify the calculation. This tool is free and easy to use.

Square Yard To Square Feet(Sq Yard to Sq Ft): Introduction

Square yard and square feet are metrics popularly used to denote land measurements, both in India and across the world. Currently, the square feet unit system is more widely in use than square yard, which was introduced in India during the British rule. Learning about converting square yard to square feet often becomes necessary when purchasing or selling a property, or even while mortgaging it.

What is a Square Yard?

Theoretically, a square yard refers to the area of a square where each of its sides is 1 yard. Square yard is also denoted as sq. yd or yd2. It is an imperial area measurement unit, most commonly used in the UK. Besides several English-speaking countries, this unit system is still used in India, Pakistan, etc. In some parts of India, the local and state governments still use this unit of area to decide the price of land or property.

For instance, states such as Haryana use the yd2 unit while deciding the circle rate per unit of area. The government fixes a circle rate below which one cannot sell a property or land. Usually, in urban areas, square yd is used as a standard unit to calculate carpet area and derive its selling price. Roughly, 1 yd2 equals to 9 feet2. Hence, with a unitary method, it is easy to convert square yard to square feet.

What is Square Feet?

Like square yard, square foot is also an Imperial unit of area to measure land. Typically, feet2 is the area of a square, with each side measuring 1 foot. This unit can also be denoted as sq. ft or ft2. It can also be converted into other units of measurement such as square yd, square inches, etc.

Since a majority of property prices are fixed per square ft, it is important to know how to convert square yard to square feet, to gauge the net worth of a property located in India. However, both these units can be used interchangeably with proper knowledge of how to convert them.

Steps to Convert Square Yard to Square Feet

Below is the formula to convert sq. yard to sq. ft.
1 square yard = 9 square feet
Using this formula, you can convert area from yd2 to ft2.

Take a look at the example below to understand it better.

Suppose carpet area of an apartment in Gurgaon is 1000 ft2. Hence, in yd2, the measurement would be (1000/9) = 111.11 yd2 approximately.

The same 1 square yard to square feet formula is also used in online converter.

Steps to Convert Square Feet to Square Yard

Below is the formula to convert square feet to square yard.

Multiply the ft2 value by 9 to get yd2 value.

1 yd2 = ft*9

Refer to the example below to understand better.

Suppose a 3BHK property measures 1460 yd2. In ft2, it would be (1460*9) = 13140 ft2.

Both the conversion from sq. yard to sq. feet and vice versa are equally important to estimate the price of a property. Moreover, it also helps understand the difference of carpet area from built-up area to super-built-up area.

Square Yard to Square Feet Conversion Table

The table below gives square yard to square feet(sq yard to sq ft) conversion. Take a look for a quick reference.

Square Yard Square Feet
1 sq. yard 9 sq. feet
2 sq. yard 18 sq. feet
3 sq. yard 27 sq. feet
4 sq. yard 36 sq. feet
5 sq. yard 45 sq. feet
6 sq. yard 54 sq. feet
7 sq. yard 63 sq. feet
8 sq. yard 72 sq. feet
9 sq. yard 81 sq. feet
10 sq. yard 90 sq. feet
11 sq. yard 99 sq. feet
12 sq. yard 108 sq. feet
13 sq. yard 117 sq. feet
14 sq. yard 126 sq. feet
15 sq. yard 135 sq. feet
16 sq. yard 144 sq. feet
17 sq. yard 153 sq. feet
18 sq. yard 162 sq. feet
19 sq. yard 171 sq. feet
20 sq. yard 180 sq. feet

This above process will ensure quick and precise calculations in a matter of seconds, especially while applying for loan against property.


How many square yard in square feet?

1 square yard = 9.000000878 square feet

How do you convert sq yards to sq feet?

1 square yard = 9.000000878 square feet. So multiply the number with 9.000000878, in order to convert it into square feet.

Which is bigger square yard or square feet?

The conversion no between the square yard( Sq yard) and square feet (sq ft) is 9. So ,square yard is bigger unit than square feet.

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