Convert Hectare to Cent

India is known world-over for its diversity, and this diversity is as visible in its land measurement units and their usage across the country as in its religion and culture. Indians rely on the use of a variety of local as well as standard units for land measurement. For instance, in Northern India, land parcels are often measured in units, such as Marla, Kattha, Biswa, Kanal, and Bigha. On the other hand, in Southern India, the usage of local units like Cent, Guntha, Ground, and Ankanam is quite common.

However, over the past few years, a sharp increase in the use of standard units has been noticed. For instance, the area of land parcels, homes, and flats is often quoted in standard units, such as Square Feet, Square Meters, Hectare, and Acres, now. This has been done to promote the usage of units that people across the country understand, thereby leading to lesser miscommunication and confusion during land and property dealings.

We understand that this use of varied land measurements units in different parts of the country can leave you confused. Therefore, we have decided that in this article, we will cover two common used land measurement units across India -- hectare and cent -- and also discuss in detail how to convert hectare to cent. Let's start with the basics first.

What is Hectare?

Hectare is a unit of land measurement which is not a part of the International System of Units. However, its usage is accepted by the system. Hectare is not only commonly used in India, but also in different parts of the world. 

So, what is a hectare? Let's understand this unit's history first and then, we will look at some examples to help you understand how much is one hectare. The term 'hectare' comes from the Greek word 'ha,' which essentially means hundred. Some people also trace the origin of the word hectare to the Latin word area.

So, how much is a hectare? If you live in Britain, one hectare is equal to 2.471 acres. In Iran, one hectare is equal to a jerib and in Turkey, it is equal to a jerib. If you are in the Netherlands, know that a hectare is equal to a bunder and in China, it is equal to a gong qing. In terms of units recognized by the International System of Units, one hectare is the same as 10,000 square metres.

But these are all numbers and numbers are hard to visualize. So, how do you visualize a hectare? How do you know how big it really is? To make things simpler for you, we will give you a few examples.

If you are a sports fanatic, you will like these two examples and they will help you understand/visualize a hectare almost instantly. A hectare is almost the same as an international rugby field. An international rugby field is close to 1.008 hectares, which is very, very close to a hectare. International football pitches, on the other hand, are anywhere between 0.62 to 0.82 hectares. So, when you want to think of a hectare, think of an international rugby field or a soccer field.

Now that we have established a good understanding of the hectare, let us try and understand what is a cent.

What is Cent?

A cent is a unit of measurement not recognized by the International System of Unit but it is widely used in different parts of the country. Its usage is frequent in Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu. How do you visualize a cent? A cent is one-hundredth of an acre. In more simple terms, one cent is equal to 435.6 square feet. In general, while hectare is used to measure large land parcels, cent is used to measure smaller pieces of land.

How Do You Convert Hectare to Cent?

Now that we have developed an understanding of both hectare and cent, let us understand how to convert one into another. 
1 hectare is equal to 247.10 cents and 1 cent is equal to 0.004 hectares.

So, if you are buying a huge piece of land that is 10 hectares in area, you are essentially buying a land parcel equal to 2471 cents.

However, manually converting hectare to cent is not easy because the size of the land you are buying will not necessarily be in round figures. Decimal values make manual calculations quite difficult. Therefore, you should use a hectare to cent calculator to convert one value to another. Hectare to cent converters are easily available online. The best thing about these calculators is that they are easy to use and completely nullify the possibility of any errors. Further, they provide instant results. So, use a hectare to cent calculator today if you want to convert hectare to cent or vice versa.

Hectare to Cent Conversion Table

Hectare Cent Hectare To Cent
1 Hectare 247.10 Cent 1 Hectare is equal to 247.10 Cent
2 Hectare 494.21 Cent 2 Hectare is equal to 494.21 Cent
3 Hectare 741.32 Cent 3 Hectare is equal to 741.32 Cent
4 Hectare 988.42 Cent4 Hectare is equal to 988.42 Cent
5 Hectare 1235.53 Cent 5 Hectare is equal to 1235.53 Cent
6 Hectare 1482.63 Cent 6 Hectare is equal to 1482.63 Cent
7 Hectare 1729.73 Cent 7 Hectare is equal to 1729.73 Cent
8 Hectare 1976.84 Cent 8 Hectare is equal to 1976.84 Cent
9 Hectare 2223.95 Cent 9 Hectare is equal to 2223.95 Cent
10 Hectare 2471.00 Cent 10 Hectare is equal to 2471.00 Cent
11 Hectare 2718.16 Cent11 Hectare is equal to 2718.16 Cent
12 Hectare 2965.26 Cent12 Hectare is equal to 2965.26 Cent
13 Hectare 3212.37 Cent13 Hectare is equal to 3212.37 Cent
14 Hectare 3459.47 Cent14 Hectare is equal to 3459.47 Cent
15 Hectare 3706.58 Cent15 Hectare is equal to 3706.58 Cent
16 Hectare 3953.68 Cent16 Hectare is equal to 3953.68 Cent
17 Hectare 4200.79 Cent17 Hectare is equal to 4200.79 Cent
18 Hectare 4447.89 Cent18 Hectare is equal to 4447.89 Cent
19 Hectare 4694.99 Cent19 Hectare is equal to 4694.99 Cent
20 Hectare 4942.1 Cent20 Hectare is equal to 4942.1 Cent

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Hectare to Cent FAQs

How many hectare to cent?

1 Hectare = 247.10 Cent

How to convert Hectare to Cent?

1 Hectare is equal to 247.10 Cent. So multiply the number with 247.10 , in order to convert it into cent.

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