Features and benefits

  • Loan of up to %$$BLAP-Loan-Amount$$%
    Loan of up to Rs. 50 lakh

    Get high-value financing for all your business needs by leveraging the market value of your property.

  • Zero income documents
    Zero income documents

    With a property-backed business loan, you won’t need to prove your eligibility based on income.

  • Financing for all
    Financing for all

    Get a secured business loan with ease, irrespective of whether you are salaried or self-employed.

  • Double property mortgage
    Double property mortgage

    Provide up to two properties as collateral to receive a bigger loan amount.

  • Easy balance transfer
    Easy balance transfer

    Transfer your existing loan to Bajaj Finserv and repay it on cost-effective terms.

Business Loan Against Property

As a business owner, you can leverage the market value of the real estate you own to get a high-value business loan against property from Bajaj Finserv. We offer secured business loans of up to Rs. 45 lakh at attractive rates of interest. The loan can be used for all types of medium-business needs, including restocking inventory, office renovation, business expansion or maintaining working capital.

Meeting the income requirements for a high-value business loan can be difficult for many businesses. Hence, we offer secured business loans that do not rely on your income profile. Get approved for a business loan from Bajaj Finserv by offering up to two properties you own as collateral. Based on the valuation of the real estate provided for the mortgage, you get approved for financing. Both salaried and self-employed individuals can apply for our secured business loans and meet their funding needs.

For instance, you are already repaying a secured business loan with another lender and wish to transfer your loan to Bajaj Finserv to benefit from more cost-effective terms. In that case, you can do so with our easy balance transfer facility. Courtesy of easy eligibility criteria and a minimal requirement for documentation, you can switch lenders without delay and repay your loan at a lower interest rate.

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Eligibility criteria and documents required

  • Age

    For self-employed – 24 to 70 years
    For salaried – 24 to 70 years
    *Age should be 70 at loan maturity

  • Minimum income
    Minimum income

    Minimum monthly earning of Rs. 24,000 for salaried applicants

  • Residence

    Borrowers should be living in their current residence for at least 12 months

  • CIBIL score
    CIBIL score

    685 or higher