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What is Flexi Loan?

Bajaj Finserv offers a Flexi loan facility where you can borrow from a pre-approved loan limit when you need money and repay when you can.

So, you can either prepay or 'down-draw' against your loan or make multiple withdrawals as long as you stay within your loan limit.

This facility comes in two forms:

Flexi Term Loan

• You get a loan limit, from which you can borrow money.
• Interest is charged only on the amount used.
• EMIs consist of both principal and interest component.
• Withdraw money whenever you need, which reduces amount left in the credit line.
• Part-prepay the principal sum if you have extra funds. However, the amount left in the credit line will not be revised.

Flexi Interest-only Loan

• You get a loan limit, from which you can borrow money.
• Interest is charged only on the amount used.
• Option to pay only interest as EMIs, while repaying the principal at the end of the tenor, or part-prepaying whenever you have extra funds.
• You can withdraw money from the credit line whenever you need.
• When you withdraw, amount of available funds reduces accordingly.
• When you prepay the principal amount, funds available in the line increases accordingly.

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