Features and benefits

Converting your existing loan into a smart and swift Flexi Loan can give you the below benefits:

No multiple applications

Withdraw money from your loan account without extra documentation.

Free part-prepayment

Part-prepay your loan when you have extra funds, without any charge.

Choose to pay interest as EMI

Opt to pay only interest as EMI, which reduces EMI amount by up to 50%.

Multiple withdrawals

Multiple withdrawals, without additional documentation or charges.

Online withdrawal and payments

Borrow and part-prepay funds in few clicks through the online customer portal, Experia

Interest charged on daily basis

Interest charged on a daily basis, as per amount utilized at the end of the day.

How does it Work


Submit the above form after filling-in the details


Our representative will get in touch with you


Your existing loan will get converted into a flexi loan


Withdraw the funds as per your needs and transfer them to your account within 2 hours

Eligibility criteria

Individuals with an existing term loan are eligible to convert their loan to a Flexi Loan


Converting your loan into a flexi loan is a completely touch free process, where there is no physical meeting or documentation needed.

Flexi loans explained in under 2 minutes

Wondering why a Flexi Loan is better than a Term Loan

Here’s a quick comparison between a Term Loan and a Flexi Loan.
Loan Sanction Amount: 10,00,000 | Amount Used: 5,00,000 | Rate of Interest: 18% | Tenor: up to 84 months.

    Term Loan
    Flexi Loan
  • EMI
    Rs. 23,790
    Rs. 13,550
  • Annual Cash Outflow
    Rs. 2,85,480
    Rs. 1,62,600
  • Annual Savings
    Rs. 1,22,880
Term Vs. Flexi

Term Loan – The sanctioned amount is disbursed to your account.
Flexi Loans – The sanctioned amount is assigned to your loan account. Borrow only as much as you need from it.

Fees & Charges

Term Loan – Interest is charged on the full amount.
Flexi Loans – Interest is charged only on the utilized amount.
Your flexi loan interest rate will be the same as your existing interest rate


Term Loan – EMI = Interest + Principal.
Choose to pay only interest as EMI. Repay the principal as and when you can by the end of the loan tenor.

All you need to know about Flexi Loans:

Converting your existing loan into a Flexi Loan is the smart way of managing your finances.
To ease your loan management, you can now convert your existing Loan into a Flexi Loan and lower your EMIs by up to 56%. The process is 100% hassle-free as you can make such a conversion in just a few simple steps, without any physical meeting.
- Flexible withdrawals & prepayments
- Pay interest only on the amount you used
- No extra documents needed
- Option to pay only interest as EMIs

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