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How to Implement Fire Safety in Your Engineering Manufacturing Plant

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  • Steps to ensure fire safety in your factory

  • Perform an in-depth fire assessment

  • Get fire protection systems

  • Ingrain a fire prevention culture

The FICCI – Pinkerton India Risk Survey 2017 ranked fire as the fifth most serious threat to business operations in India. Fire jumped up by three positions than last year’s ranking and as per data from NCRB, fire accidents are likely to cause 12 times more deaths than injuries.

It is essential to implement fire safety in your engineering manufacturing plant, to prevent loss of life, and destruction. Read on to know the steps you need take for protecting your plant and workers from falling prey to this disaster.

1. Conduct an extensive and in-depth fire assessment from professionals

Combustible liquids, gases, faulty electrical wires, etc., are some of the major triggers for a fire in an engineering manufacturing plant. Electrical enclosures, process areas, and storage units, make engineering manufacturing plants more vulnerable to fire.
Hence, it’s essential to conduct an extensive and in-depth fire assessment from professionals to identify and mark potentially susceptible areas. The cost of such an assessment depends on several factors such as:

- The size of your unit
- The number of occupants
- The number of floors
The cost of the assessment can run from few thousands to lakhs depending on the skills, experience, and competency of your assessor/company chosen for assessment. However, with the easy availability of engineer loans, you can easily procure the funds required for hiring the services of a professional.

2. Install fire protection systems

Once the potentially vulnerable areas of your plant are identified, it’s crucial to install adequate fire protection systems. Fire protection systems can be of two types – active and passive.
An active fire system requires some motion/action to work. The action can be manual like that required for a fire extinguisher or automatic like a sprinkler. Apart from fire extinguishers, sprinklers, some other active systems you can contemplate installing in your plant are fire blankets, smoke alarms, automated fire doors, and thermal detectors.
On the other hand, a passive fire protection system aims to prevent the spread of flames and smoke. Firewalls, fire doors, flame shields, dampers, and mineral fibre matting are some passive fire systems. The total cost of installing active and passive systems depends on the size of your plant.

For systems such as fire sprinklers, the cost can go upward of Rs.2,500 per square feet. These costs can be easily met with special engineer loans.

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3. Inculcate a culture of fire prevention

While fire protection systems can help fight fire in case of a break-out, it’s essential to inculcate a culture of fire prevention in the first place. Thus, you need to ensure that your employees know exactly what not to do in your engineering manufacturing plant to avoid fire.
Make sure to keep premises of your unit clean and de-clutter common litter and debris. Ask your workers to check and report any faults noticed in electrical wiring and give them hands-on training on using equipment such as fire extinguishers. Mock fire drills also help to know what to do in case of a fire.

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