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Go card-less! Here’s how to shop on EMIs without a card



Earlier, you could shop on EMIs using credit cards only

Today, you can shop on EMIs without a card to your name

You can avail instant EMI financing at retail stores

EMIs are a simple, convenient way to buy high-value items without taking a massive hit on your monthly budget. You can indulge in a high-end smartphone, for example, or make the product or service of your choice more affordable. Using this smart payment option is your best bet as it has convenient repayment terms. No more deferred dreams, no more compromise.

But, shopping on EMI wasn’t always as convenient as it is now. Earlier, you had to approach a bank to make an EMI purchase or more popularly, buy on EMI using your credit card. Essentially, shopping on EMIs was a debt that you took upon yourself. Today, shopping on EMIs is easier, faster and simpler. You can buy on EMI even without a debit or credit card.

Take a look at two ways in which you can avail EMIs without using a card.

In-store financing
It’s as simple as walking into an electronics store, selecting a smart TV and walking out of the store with the TV in tow. You can make a decision on the spot, and avail the EMI facility by submitting a handful of details. It’s as easy as any other payment method, with a fraction of the money being spent. You don’t have to complete tedious paperwork or wait for your application to be approved. It’s instant and hassle-free.

When you shop from a store that is a part of the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network, for example, you can avail this facility without a bother. Apart from making use of card-less EMIs, you can benefit further by enjoying No Cost EMIs. Here, you only have to repay the cost of the product and make no extra payments. Bajaj Finserv’s EMI Network is vast and covers over 43,000 vendors across 1 million+ products and categories. So, you can pay for a range of products and services, from electronics, to groceries and healthcare services with the help of No Cost EMIs and choose a flexible repayment tenor of your choice.

Digital wallets
Another way to shop on EMI without relying on a card of any sort is to make the most of digital wallets. Post the recent cash crunch in the Indian economy, digital wallets gathered momentum. Today, they are constantly being upgraded to offer you a host of benefits, and a smooth transacting and banking experience.

One such benefit is that you can make purchases on EMIs when you use certain wallets, such as the Bajaj Finserv Wallet. Apart from offering all the features of a digital wallet, encapsulated within is a digital EMI Network Card. This feature allows you to shop on No Cost EMI with a few simple taps.

Shop from partner stores and use this facility to make your big-ticket purchases easier on the pocket. Again, you don’t have to wait for approval or submit documentation, as your KYC details are already submitted. So, you can complete the transaction in just a tap.

So, the next time you want to shop for an expensive product, don’t rule out EMIs as a payment option because you don’t have a card. Simply turn to these card-less options to enjoy shopping on EMI.