Convert Bigha to Square Feet

What is Bigha?

Bigha is a recognised traditional unit in India used to measure the area of a plot. Biswa and Katha are two subunits of bigha. It is among the most popular land measurement benchmarks in India and is widely used across different states.

Roughly 1 bigha equals 17452.0069808 Square Feet. However, that is not the standard value across the country. In other words, the bigha measurement used in West Bengal (14,400 sq ft) tends to differ from that in Punjab (9070 sq ft).

There is no such equivalent of bigha in English, and it continues to remain popular in the Indian context. However, the same is used as a customary land measurement unit in Nepal and a traditional land measurement unit in Bangladesh.

Since there is much variation in the standard unit of one bigha across Indian states, it is always wise to use an online unit conversion tool to convert bigha to square feet.

What is square foot?

Square foot is the standard benchmark for measuring carpet area of apartments, flats, plots, etc., under the Real Estate Regulation Act. However, other standard land measuring units are also used across the country. Some of the most popular ones include – square metre, hectare, acre and square yards.

In simple terms, the term square feet can be explained as the area of a square whose sides measure 1 foot. Notably, this measurement unit is a part of the imperial and the US customary unit. It is widely used in other countries such as India, Nepal, Hong Kong, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ghana, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Singapore.

Steps to convert bigha to square feet

The conversion of bigha into square feet or any other land measurement unit is not possible. This is because there is no such unit that is equivalent to bigha. Measurement of land, especially its area when converted into bigha, tends to differ from one state to another due to the lack of standardisation.

For instance, when you convert 1 bigha in square feet in Uttar Pradesh, the result is 27,000 square feet. However, when converting a bigha into square feet in Bihar, the outcome is 27,220 square feet. Similarly, one bigha in Assam would be 14,400 square feet.

This provides a fair idea of the discrepancy in value that could arise if one takes any one state’s bigha as the standard measure. It also introduces us to the challenges of converting bigha into square feet for every state individually.

Nevertheless, with the help of an online unit conversion calculator, you can easily ascertain the value of one 1 bigha in square feet in any given place in India, wherever applicable. This tool also helps to convert the measurement unit accurately and within a few seconds.

Steps to use a Land Area Conversion Calculator

Follow the below steps to use an online land area calculator and find out the answer to 1 bigha equal to square feet.

  • Choose a reliable online land area converter
  • Enter the name of the state in which the property is located
  • Enter the number of units of property or land area in bigha
  • Select the unit into which you wish to convert the bigha value; for example, you may choose to convert 1 bigha to sq ft, square meter, hectare, acre, square yard, etc., or vice versa

Example: An individual residing in Jharkhand decides to purchase a particular land in Haryana, but the area was expressed in bigha, 4 bighas to be precise. In such a case, the individual chooses to use an online unit converter tool. With the help of the same, it was found that 4 Bigha in Haryana is equivalent to 43,560 square feet.

Conversion table for bigha to sq. ft.

Since the value of bigha varies from one state to another, there is no standard value as such. However, the table below provides valuable insight about the same and may help convert 1 bigha in sq. feet.


One bigha in square feet



















West Bengal


Madhya Pradesh


Himachal Pradesh


Owing to the rampant discrepancy in the value of bigha, a property buyer needs to find out about the common value of bigha in the given area or state in advance. In this regard, it would be smart to use an online land unit converter to avoid any confusion and find out how much is 1 bigha in square feet, while applying for loan against property.

Frequently asked questions

How much is 1 bigha in square feet?

1 bigha is 27,000 in square feet.