What is loan against credit card?

A credit card loan is an instant funding option available against the unutilised credit limit of the financial instrument. Fulfil your immediate funding needs with the instant loan availed against no additional eligibility requirement.

The instant loan on credit cards like the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard is approved against a nominal processing fee. You can conveniently repay a loan on credit card in easy EMIs.

Features of a Loan on Credit Card

The following features make availing a credit card loan beneficial.
  • Avail emergency loan instantly on the basis of your card’s unutilised credit limit.
  • Long interest-free period, of up to 90 days makes the instant loan on credit card easily affordable.
  • Make convenient repayment of the loan in 3 easy EMIs.

Eligibility for Loan on Credit Cards

Card issuers seek no additional eligibility criteria on a credit card loan. Meet only simple requirements like –
  • A strong credit history.
  • A reliable repayment pattern of the credit card bills.

An emergency loan on the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard is available through a simple online request with no additional documents.

Advantages of a Loan on Credit Card

Enjoy a handful of benefits with a credit card loan.
  • Avail the unsecured advance instantly through quick online processing. No collateral required for the funds as loan is provided as a percentage of your credit card’s unused limit.
  • Enjoy a 90-day period of interest-free funding.
  • Avail the funds affordably with a flat processing of only 2.5% charged on the loan amount.
  • Zero paperwork requirement and immediate, hassle-free financing available.

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